Volume19, Number6, November 2023
Table of contents

Anyaegbu, C. F. and Okigbo, R. N. - GC-MS of Alliumsativum (Garlic) and Gongronema latifolium (Utazi) plant extracts and inhibition of post-harvest fungi in cocoyam. 2367-2384
Chiewchan, N., Saetiew, Kand Teerarak, M-The effect of BA on inducing shoots of Philodendron erubescent ‘Pink Princes’ in vitro. 2385-2398
Chomsri, N., Manowan, K., Tassanaudom, U. and Manochai, P. - Comparison of fermentation behaviors and properties of Naem-Hed supplemented with vegetables by spontaneous and controlled lactic acid fermentation. 2399-2412
Deewatthanawong, R., Kongchinda, P., Chanapan, S., Tontiworachai, B., Sakkhamduang, C. and Montri, N. - Non-destructive measurement of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) using near-infrared spectroscopy. 2413-2426
Haggag, W. M., Diab, M. M., Al-Ansary, N. A. and Ali, M. K. Activity of five natural essential oils against fungal contamination in fresh and stored maize grains. 2427-2448
Haggag, W. M., Ali, R. R. and Al-Ansary, N. A. - Geographic information systems and remote sensing:  Innovative tools for plant health. 2449-2464
Hairani, P. M., Sudjatmiko, S., Setyowati, N., Diaguna, R. and Triyostin. W. - Effect of fruit color on the physiological and biochemical quality of chili seeds (Capsicum frutescens). 2465-2476
Hongyotee, T., Somchit, P. and Phakamas, N. Influence of calcium from different seashells on growth and yield of Khon Kaen 6 peanut cultivar. 2477-2486
Huyen, N. T., Tam, D. T. T., Trang, T. H., Dao, T. T., Hien, P. H. and Canh, N. X. - Streptomyces corhorsii L72 as a potential biocontrol agent against Sclerotium rolfsii causing stem rot on peanut. 2487-2500
Kongcharoensuntorn, W., Jaikua, W. and Pansanoi, P. - The Antibacterial, Antibiofilm activities, cytoxicity and synergy effect of Sesbania javanica Miq. in combination with tetracycline against opportunistic bacteria bacteria. 2501-2518
Koprasert, K., Watanakanjana, C., Detthamrong, U. and Khermkhan, J. - Application of activity-based costing to the logistics cost system of organic vegetables in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. 2519-2530
Leelawat, B., Thongwattananun, S., Jaroenjun, N. and Sajjabut, S. - Quality improvement of boba from sago flour supplemented with inulin using electron beam. 2531-2544
Mankeb, P., Chulilung, P., Charoenkittayawut, S., Kuhaswanvetch, S., Panrostip, D. and Luenam, L. - A structural equation model of food security promotion among rice-farming households in Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand. 2545-2554
Mongkontanawat, N., Phuangborisut, S, Boonna, S. and Nitteranon, V. - β-Glucan production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by using mango fermented wastewater. 2555-2572
Muktamar, Z., Setyowati, N., Anandyawati, A., Utami, K., Fahrurrozi, F., Sudjatmiko, S. and Chozin, M. - The quality of vermicast from biotransformation of different oragnic substrates using Lumbricus rubellus and Perionyx excavatus. 2573-2588
Phoemchalard, C. and Tathong, T. - Chemo metric approach to characterizing and comparing the quality of buffalo meat from Nakhon Phanom and Khammouane provinces. 2589-2604
Pradabkun, N., Yeamsuriyotai, K., Teerarak, M. and Saetiew, K. - Lotus flower extract as a natural anti-browning agent for fresh romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. longifolia). 2605-2618
Puramongkon, P . and Puramongkon, T . - Use of high protein dietary leaves substitute protein source in organic laying hens feed. 2619-2626
Quyen, D. H., Phung, P. H. P., Mai, D. T. T., Thu, N. T. M., Hoi, P. K., Chuong, N. H. and Hoang, P. N. D. - Evaluating the mycelial growth of bolete from pine forest in highland Vietnam. 2627-2638
Setyowati, N., Muktamar, Z. and Sentosa, P. - Growth and yield response of green mustard under the combination of nitrogen fertilizer and organic amendment in acid soil. 2639-2650
Soans, J. C., Pavithra, M. and Sridhar, K. R. - Nutritional evaluation of banana inflorescence and development of food products. 2651-2668
Sorapukdee, S., Phengmanee, N., Mongput, W., Pilasombut, K. and Tangwatcharin, P. - Application of microcrystalline cellulose gel as a fat reduction strategy in phosphate-free emulsified sausage. 2669-2680
Suraphonphinit, A., Phakamas, N. and Samart, S. - Rate of Azolla microphylla dry matter on nitrogen use efficiency and yield of Japonica rice. 2681-2692
Tai, N. V., Kunyanee, K. and Luangsakul, N. - Multivariable analysis of physicochemical and functional characterization of four Thai pigmented rice varieties. 2693-2706
Tontiworachai, B., Deewatthanawong, R., Intasam, N., Buamas, S., Promvai, S., Maneechote, N. and Montri, N. - Production of F1 Papilionanthe hookeriana (Rchb.f.) Schltr. homozygous and heterozygous: Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis of flower colors and self and cross-pollination ability between different flower colors. 2707-2726
Wiangsamut, B. - Influence of irrigation water quantity and fertilizer applied together with mulch on the growth and yield of oil palm cv. Deli x Nigeria (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.). 2727-2740
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