Volume20, Number1, January 2024
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Alama, S. I., Onyibe, C. E., Nwachukwu, E. F. and Emuh f. N. - Morphological features of swamp soils within a coastal landform: a case study of Ndokwa Nigeria. 1 -14
Atta, A. T. and Ogunniyan, D. J. - Evaluation of Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.) genotypes for agronomic performance and fibre industrial quality. 15-24
Baikaden, S., Thepchit, K., Buaket, T. and Sikhao, P. - Determine of mechanical damage on soybean seed by clorox soak test. 25-36
Bakri, A., Witono, Y., Jayus, J., Suharto and Ermawati, N. - Identification of pesticide residues in harvested edamame soybeans and application of the water ozonation technique. 37-52
Boonkamjat, T., Saetiew, K. and Teeralak, M. - Influence of plant growth regulators on shoot development of Chrysanthemums. 53-68
Chumak, K., Soytong, K., Song, J.J. and Mitrokhin, M. - Organic agricukture practises and approches to certification of organic agriproducts: Review article. 69-76
Dimak, J., Somala, N., Laosinwattana, C. and Teerarak, M. - The effect of microfludization on characteristics and herbicidal potential of peppermint essential oil nanoemulsion on Amaranthus tricolor. 77-86
Eshwarnath, V. S., Thyagarajan, R., Kishorekumar, A., Gopikrishnan, V., Radhakrishnan, M. and Song, J. J. - Harnessing microbial biosurfactant for agricultural applications. 87-104
Haggag, W. M. - Plant biotic and abiotic stresses combinations and their management: Review article. 105-122
Haitami, A., Ghulamahdi, M., Sopandie, D., Susila, A. D. and Lestari, Y. - Diversity of morphology physiology and anatomy of shallots tidal swamp varieties on under-saturated soil culture. 123-132
Hang, L. T. T., Oanh, N. T. K., Thuy, L. T., Hoang, N. T., Phu, D. H., Hiep, D. M. and Thang, N. T. - In vitro skin protection effects of sulfated exopolysaccharide fragment derived from the cultivation of Ophiocordyceps sinensis. 133-144
Kusumawardani, S., Kunyanee, K. and Luangsakul, N. - Investigating the phytochemical and antioxidant activity of free and bound phenolics from brown rice bran and their correlation with enzymatic inhibitory and in vitro starch digestibility. 145-158
Lomchangkum, C., Junsiri, C., Sopa, P., Thongyothi, S. and Doungpueng, K. - Designing a waxy maize shredder for animal feed. 159-176
Moun, S., Kaewrahun, S., Janket, A., Nomura, H., Baba, T., Ito, K. and Jutagate, T. - Experimental study of extension intervention on farmers’ perception of willingness to pay (WTP) for healthy seeds among Cambodian cassava farmers. 177-196
Muangsong, C.,Phewphan,U., Kongsombat, P., Meengoen, N., Thongdeephan, T., Chanhom, D., Naipreedee, K., Khambai, N., Pontham, J. and Pumijumnong, N. - Estimation of aboveground carbon stock in service area of Ubon Ratchathani Zoo, Ubon Ratchathani province, Northeastern Thailand. 197-212
Multha, N. and Sikhao, P. - Influence of vacuum packaging combined with storage condition on biochemical activities and quality of groundnut seed (Arachis hypogaea L.). 213-230
Olatinwo, L. K., Yusuf, O. J. and Komolafe, S. E. - Climate change adaptation practices of smallholder arable crop farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria. 231-240
Onuche, U., Opaluwa, H. I, Ologidi, P. O., Tor, I. E. Amaegberi, H. and Ajibade, Y. E. - Profitability and poverty status of small-scale artisanal fishing families in fresh and brackish water communities in Nigeria. 241-254
Oyewole, B. O., Ajagbe, A. D., Opaluwa, H. I. and Itodo, G. - Effect of graded levels of cassava peel meal in the diet of layers on performance, haematology and economics of production. 255-264
Panatuk, J., Uriyapongson, J. and Uriyapongson, S. - The effect of black rice extract powder and black rice bran oil on quality and shelf life of fresh ground beef patties during refrigerated storage. 265-274
Passara, H., Pumnuan, J., Thongsaiklaing, T. and Thipmanee, K. - Insecticidal efficiency of plant essential oil nanoemulsion formulas against Spodoptera exigua. 275-284
Pham, T. L. and Hoang, T. L. T. - Effect of Atonik preparation on germination ability of milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn.). 285-298
Phopaijit, S., Somchit, P. and Phakamas, N. - Possibility to use crop models for indirect prediction of glycemic index in rice. 299-314
Pornsuriya, P., Chittawanij, A., Yemor, T., Chinaworn, S. and Tira-umphon, A. - GGE biplot analysis of genotype by environment interaction and yield stability of yardlong bean lines under nine environments. 315-328
Putri, R. M., Jumeri and Falah, M. A. F. - Shelf-life prediction of freeze-dried strawberries using accelerated shelf-life testing method in a tropical environment. 329-342
Rini, M.V., Irvanto, D. and Ardiyanto, A. - The association of four species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with oil palm seedlings planted on inceptisol soil from Central Kalimantan Indonesia. 343-354
Sungsirin, N., Songsuk, A., Jaisupa, N. and Kulabtong, S. - Efficacy of a probiotic Bacillus subtilis strain in fish culture water for ammonia removal and enhancing survival of juvenile common carps (Cyprinus carpio). 355-364
Tebdoie, C., Dewatthanawong, R., Kongjinda, P. and Montri, N. - Influence of exogenous salicylic acid on phytochemical improvement and antioxidant activity in Cannabis sativa L. 365-380
Thiankham, S., Thonghuatoei, W., Kantha, P., Yomla, R. and Kitikiew, S. - Efficacy of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) peel hot water extract against Aeromonas hydrophila infection of seabass fingerling (Lates calcarifer). 381-398
Tibenderana, P., Bainomugisha, J., Abdulkadir, T. S., Agwe, T. M., Twesigwe-omwe, M. N. and Ako, T. - Performance evaluation of open air burnt sorghum and wheat straw ashes in hard water treatment. 399-410
Wiboonwatchara, B., Shu, H. and Soytong, P. - Monitoring the land use/land cover changes and simulation by using the CA-Markov model-a case study in Bang Lamung district, Pattaya city, Chon Buri province, Thailand. 411-426
Wongpracha, P., Kanthawong, P., Arun, J., Jeyaraj, G. P., Jongput, B., Srijad, S. and Kitikiew, S. - Effects of Bacillus probiotics, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus cereus dietary additional to controlling Vibriosis infected of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). 427-440
Yousaf, G., Zia, H., Anwar, A., Fayyaz, F. A., Rahman, A. U. and Yousaf, M. H. - Agro-economic response of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) as affected by the interaction of cultivars and combined application of organic fertilizers under stored moisture conditions. 441-466
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