Volume20, Number3, May 2024
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Abo-Zaid, A. H., Ali M. K., El-Samman, M. G. and Helmy, K. G. - Assessing detached onion leaves inoculated with Alternaria porri (Ellis) Cif. through visual and electronic means. 893-906
Ahmed, F. A., Fahmy, F. I., Abd El-Azim, W. M. and Hamed, E. S. - Effect of organic fertilizer and different irrigation methods on yield, fruit physical, and chemical properties of Opuntia ficus-indica L. 907-924
Ali, N. F. and Abd-Elsalam, I. S. - Nanotechnology application of natural dyes on wool fibers pretreated with nano chitosan /neem composite to improve their dyeing properties and antimicrobial activity. 925-938
Asafa, M. O., Owolarafe, O. K., Falana, O. B., Atta, A. T., Okolie, E. D. and Oni, J. A. - Evaluation of the biophysical and mechanical properties of kenaf seeds in relation to processing application. 939-956
Calimpang, I. A., Gentallan Jr., R. P. and Borromeo, T. H. - Morphological characterization and geographical mapping of mango (Mangifera indica L.)  accessions. 957-966
Chaibang, A., Pawongrat, R., Unartngam, J. and Unartngam, A. - Preliminary investigation of the pathogenic effectors of Paramyrothecium eichhorniae by heat treatment and membrane separation. 967-982
Charoenpituk, S., Suwanmaneepong, S., Llones, C. and Kerdsriserm, C. - Community enterprise quality management of durian exports in Ban Khao Hin Thaen, Wang Chan District, Rayong Province, Thailand. 983-1000
Chirapongsatonkul, N., Damayanti, A. F., Leelawatwattana, L. and U-taynapun, K. - Comparative transcriptome analysis of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) under different health conditions associated with tilapia lake virus disease (TiLVD). 1001-1016
Dangthaisong, P., Sookgul, P., Suwannachin, K., Seiyot, A., Arikit, S., Wanchana, S. and Malumpong, C. - Differences in growing region affected grain yield, grain quality and 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline content in Thai jasmine rice (Oryza sativa L.). 1017-1036
Hanoun, S., Hamel, F., Bouteraa, K., Djagrouri, F., Ahmed Gaid, K., Mellal, H., Chenna, H. and Aroua, K. - Screening of Antibacterial activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented vegetables against foodborne pathogenic bacteria and investigation of their potential production of bacteriocins. 1037-1048
Irmawati, V., Cahyono, O., Mujiyo., Romadhon, M. R., Istiqomah, N. M. and Hardian, T. - Soil physical health index in various land use of Keduang Sub-watershed, Central Java, Indonesia. 1049-1066
Kaewtaphan, P., Maniin, P., Nilkong, P., Aninbon, C. and Teamkao, P. - Effect of organic fertilizer quantity on yield and seed qualities of rice. 1067-1074
Kandee, T., Chanthakoun, V. and Polyorach, S. - Effects of cassava leaves silage as protein source in dietary on growth and reproductive performance Lao native pig gilts. 1075-1082
Kerdsriserm, C., Suwanmaneepong, S. and Athipanjapong, P. - Assessment of farmers’ acceptance, satisfaction, and utilization of mobile application for rice production cost and return in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. 1083-1096
Kerdsriserm, C. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - Cost-Return and technical efficiency of rice production of Ban Nong Saeng rice mill community enterprise in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. 1097-1110
Khermkhan, J., Thongkaew, E. and Chatanan, P. - The community strength of Ban Klum Suai, Phawa Subdistrict, Kaeng Hang Maeo District, Chanthaburi Province. 1111-1122
Khermkhan, J. and Polyorach, S. - Comparison of cost and return between double crop with one crop per year of Maize Community Enterprise in Hin Sorn Subdistrict, Saraburi Province. 1123-1130
Lakyat, A., Pumnuan, J., Doungnapa, T., Ruddit, A. and Thipmanee, K. - Study of insect pests and natural enemies on sticky traps in organic lettuce fields. 1131-1140
M’saouar, R., Elyemlahi, A., Belechheb, T., Laglaoui, A., Bakkali, M. and Arakrak, A. - Effect of dual inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium sullae on Sulla flexuosa L. growth and performance. 1141-1152
Ngislawan, G. A. - Growth performance and carcass yield of progenies and upgraded non-descript Ifugao native chicken. 1153-1164
Palee, W., Sirisunyaluck, R., Chalermphol, J. and Limnirankul, B. - Factors affecting farmer’s participation on agricultural extension of the longan collaborative farming project in Lamphun province, Thailand. 1165-1176
Passara, H., Pumnuan, J., Thongsaiklaing, T. and Thipmanee, K. - The effectiveness of star anise nanoemulsion and chemical insecticide for controlling of beet armyworm. 1177-1184
Poeaim, S., Sansanee, S., Chantaraprasit, T., Chareonsap, P. P. and Tangthirasunun, N. - Genetic characterization of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivars using ISSR molecular marker. 1185-1196
Prakash, M. P. K., Padmanaban, D., Loganthan, C., Palaniswamy, K., Krishnamoorthy, K., Manikkam, R., Vareeket, R. and Venugopal, G. - Investigating antagonistic activity of fish gut bacterial isolates against aquaculture pathogens: Short Communication. 1197-1200
Rittiram, J. and Tira-umphon, A. - Light-emitting diodes and temperature effects on lettuce growth and its yield in plant factories. 1201-1210
Rizar, F. F., Lakitan B., Wijaya, A. and Muda, S. A. - Productivity and fruit quality of ridge gourd plants regrown from seeds harvested from hybrid parents cultivated in tropical urban ecosystems. 1211-1226
Ruddit, A., Pumnuan, J., Lakyat, A., Doungnapa, T. and Thipmanee, K. -  Effectiveness of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa Korth) leaf extracts against adult of sweet potato weevil (Cylas formicarius Fabricius) in laboratory conditions. 1227-1236
Rungprateeppaiboon, N., Chareonsap, P. P., Pongtongkam, P., Poeaim, A.  and Poeaim, S. - Effects of growth regulators on in vitro propagation of Sophora tomentosa L. (Necklace pod). 1237-1246
Saparam, W., Poeaim, A., Pongtongkam, P., Chareonsap, P. P. and Poeaim, S. - Plant regeneration of Bauhinia purpurea by tissue culture technique. 1247-1258
Sasivatchutikool, P., Phadungsawat, B., Tilarux, P., Chaichuay, R. and Chaichuay, C. - Effects of distance from coastal shoreline on survival and adaptation of Eastern Native Orchids, Thailand. 1259-1268
Sodakul, N. and Sikhao, P. - A study of polymer for delay germination in hybrid sweet corn seed production. 1269-1278
Supong, K., Thongkamngam, T., Suwanposri, A., Tilarux, P. and Anartngam, P. - Cytotoxic activity and characterization of the terrestrial actinomycete Streptomyces sp. strain G1-3. 1279-1290
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