Instructions to Authors
International Journal of Agricultural Technology (IJAT) is an online published journal for scientific papers in all fields of agriculture and related fields. Review papers and short communication are welcome. Manuscript should be submitted in average between 10-20 pages in IJAT Format and online submit to email, do not duplicated submission in same time. The submitted manuscript must be edited and preliminary evaluated by some senior researchers. The authors can be suggested evaluator for their manuscripts. Publication is opened to all persons and must be paid publication charge after accepted for publication.
General Instructions
  • Manuscript must be online submitted on website ( with consent form in word format and plates as jpeg files are preferred.
  • The template of manuscript and consent form can be downloaded from the web site at the end of this page.
  • Page size of 21.6 × 28 cm (8.5 × 11 inches), leave 4cm margin on all sides, double-space throughout are required. All paragraphs should be indented and justified aligned, except tables that should be left aligned.
  • The content should be set out into five major sections: (i) Abstract; (ii) Introduction; (iii) Materials and methods; (iv) Results; (v) Discussion, in most circumstances. Acknowledgements, References, figure legends, figures and tables should be followed in order.
  • Commonly used abbreviations are as follows: (i) volume: ml; (ii) length: km; (iii) concentration: M; (iv) weight: kg; (v) temperature:℃; (vi) others: Fig., Figs. Months are not abbreviated.
  • Take all symbols from symbol (normal text) in MS Word, unless not available.
  • Words of non-English origin, like in vivo, et al., ibid. and scientific names should be italicized.
  • Brackets are used in the following order: {level 3 [level 2 (level 1)]}.
  • Citation of nomenclatural authorities for taxa is optional except for taxonomic papers. For abbreviation of authors’ names, use Kirk and Ansell, Authors of scientific names, 1992.
  • Multiple references cited in text should be in chronological order, while multiple references from the same year are cited in alphabetical order. Where there are three or more authors, cite the first name only in text, adding et al. for all citations (Armstrong, 2000; Bell and Bell, 2000; Armstrong et al., 2002a,b, 2003).
  • References in reference list should be in ascending order of authors’ names first, followed by year. Journal names and book titles should be spelt in full form. References must be avoided self-citation or not over 20 %.
  • Figures must be mounted on cardboard and fit a maximum of 20 cm height by 13.5 wide including space for the legend after reduction. Figures should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numbers, and in the order that they are referenced in the text. Add a cover sheet to protect each plate. Write author’s name and figure number on the cover sheet. The original artwork will not be returned to the authors.
  • If figures are submitted as electronic files they must be composed into plates. Single photographs that need mounting together are not acceptable. Electronic figures must be captured at or above 600 dpi resolution.
  • Please note that all papers are peer reviewed. Plagiarism must less than 30% .
  • The journal is published online as original copy of six issues a year. IJAT will also be published the special issue of conference publication from International Conference on Integration of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (ICIST) under peer-review the original article as regular issues which annually organized by AATSEA.
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