About the International Journal of Agricultural Technology

Aims and scope
International Journal of Agricultural Technology (IJAT) is an open access journal published by the Association of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asia (AATSEA). The journal welcomes papers on fundamental and applied science and technology in agriculture and related fields from Asia and worldwide. IJAT publishes original contributions in English (American or British English is acceptable but not a mixture of both) in the form of full-length papers, short communications, and review articles on agricultural biotechnology, agricultural development, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural extension, agricultural machinery, agronomy, animal science, aquaculture, biological control, entomology, environmental technology, food science and technology, horticulture, plant pathology, plant sciences, postharvest technology, rural development, soil science, sustainable agriculture, and associated fields.

Publication charges:
The accepted manuscript for publication in IJAT with regards to the proof and publication should be addressed to ijat.publication@gmail.com. The handling fee donation must be enable us to include your paper for publication. Corresponding authors are charged the handling fee donation as confirmed in Consent to IJAT. Please kindly make payment donation directly into any of our accounts:-Bank Name: Bangkok Bank Co.Ltd. Thailand; Address: 999 Tambol Bangpree Yai, Amphur Bangpree, Samutprakarn province 10540, Thailand; Swift Code: BKKBTHBK; Account Name: AATSEA; Savings Account No: 862-013355-6; or the authors can transfer through Western Union to Miss Rujira Tongon, Citizen ID Card No: 1-2699 00136-97-3 and send transfer copy to email: ijat.finances@gmail.com. Please contact us if you have any question. Please kindly send us, an e-mail after making payment and attached documents, and kindly be stated your title of manuscript and Corresponding authors and addresses. Consent_form

Review process

All contributions are peer reviewed under the supervision of an international editorial board using a double-blind review process.

Reproducibility of data
Papers reporting on original research need to show reproducibility of results by being conducted at least twice, or with field experiments, during at least two seasons. For proper statistical analysis three or more replications are necessary.

Publication history and impact
IJAT began publication in June 2005; initially two issues were published annually. The journal currently publishes seven issues per year (January, March, May, July, September, November and December), with the possibility of producing additional special issues.
IJAT is indexed by:
• Thai Citation Index (TCI); Thai Journal Impact Factor (T-JIF) 2015 = 0.046
• Asian Citation Index (ACI) database, 2015
• CAB International Full Text database (PDF Files)
• SciFinder-Chemical Abstrats Service (CAS)

|Volume 13, Number3 May 2017|
|Volume 13, Number2 March 2017|
|Volume 13, Number1 January 2017|
|Volume 12, Number7.2 December 2016|
|Volume 12, Number7.1 December 2016|
|Volume 12, Number6, November 2016|
|Volume 12, Number5, Setember 2016|
|Volume 12, Number4, July 2016|
|Volume 12, Number 3, June 2016|
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|Volume 12, Number1, January 2016|
|Volume 11, Number8, Spacial issue in December 2015|
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|Volume 11, Number6, September 2015|
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|Volume 11, Number3, March 2015|
|Volume 11, Number2, February 2015
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|Volume 10, Number5, September 2014|
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|Volume 10, Number2, March 2014|
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|Volume 9, Number5, September 2013|
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|Volume 3, Number2 ,
November 2007|
|Volume 3, Number1 ,June 2007|
|Volume 2, Number2 ,November 2006|
|Volume 2, Number1 ,June 2006
|Volume 1, Number 2 ,November 2005|
Volume 1, Number1 ,June 2005|


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