Volume19, Number5, September 2023
Table of contents

Ali, N. F. and Abd-El salam, I. S. - Production, partial purification and immobilisation of alpha amylase using new bacterial isolate and its nanoform application for modification of wool fibres dye with madder natural dye. 1983-1996
Cabahug, A. G. and Villaver, J. P. - Growth, yield and economic efficiencies of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) applied with different farm manure teas. 1997-2010
Chankaew, W., Yangthong, M., Srichanan, M., Chankaew, S. and Ngamphongsai, C. - Effect of Kam Kung alga (Chara corallina Willdenow) on the growth performance and oxidative defense of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). 2011-2024
Haggag, W. M., Zaher, E., Abada, K. A., Sara, M. Z. and Elgamal, N. G. - Biosynthesis of Selenium nanoparticles by bioagents and their fungicidal activity against soil-borne diseases of fennel plants. 2025-2052
Husna, M., Salamah, U., Herman, W., Agwil, W. and Wibowo, R. H. - Stomata and morphology root of oil palm seeds using organic fertilizer in Ultisol media. 2053-2062
Jayanthi, R., Kathireshan, A. K., Nepolean, P. and Gayathri, G. - Characterization and evaluation of plant growth promoting potentials of Actinobacteria from tea ecosystem. 2063-2078
Jeephet, P., Hermhuk, S., Atnaseo, C., Rapeebunyanon, D., Pinta, J., Baomeesri, S., Singsopa, A., Thawong, N. and Kangsopa, J. - Effect of lettuce seed pelleting with plant growth-promoting bacteria on seed quality and bacterial viability after storage. 2079-2092
Jisha, K., Gayathri, G., Gopikrishnan, V., Vareeket, R. and Prabha, T. R. - Isolation and screening of fish gut actinomycetes for antibacterial activity against Uropathogenic Escherichia coli. 2093-2100
Kartika, U., Sari, E. I. R., Muktamar, Z. and Bertham, Y. H. - Soil nitrate availability during incubation as affected by dairy cattle waste vermicompost. 2101-2110
King, S. T., Thonglor, O., Kanjanamaneesathian, M., Mongkol, R. and Kongjaimun, A. - Factors affecting the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) on cassava production in Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia. 2111-2126
Magallon, W. N. and Cabahug, A. G. - Ratooned adlai production under different fertilizer schemes in acidic marginal upland conditions. 2127-2134
Malaithong, W., Khonyang, D., Tongrueng, S., Chaimanee, V. and Wattananapakasem, I. - Carcass composition and meat quality of Thai indigenous chicken raised in organic production system. 2135-2144
Mikhaylov, D., Song, J. J. and Mitrokhin, M. - Unleashing the potential of UAVs in agriculture: ASEAN and Thailand’s rice production industry improvements: Review article. 2145-2160
Phakawan, J., Raungpun, B., Senarit, W. and Tepsorn, R. - Impact of chlorinated stress on thermal characteristics of Listeria monocytogenes. 2161-2174
Pujiwati, H., Suharjo, U. K. J., Prameswari, W., Husna, M., Murcitro, B. G. and Susilo, E. - Aluminum Stress on 11 Soybean Genotypes in Nutrient Cultures. 2175-2190
Puspitasari, D., Rejeki, F. S. and Wedowati, E. R. - Characterization of Kimpul flour after process to remove itching sensation. 2191-2204
Rahman, M. M., Nur Marha, I. M. S., Umami, N., Téllez-Isaías, G. and Zulhisyam A. K. - Improving dwarf napier grass production through the suppression of weeds by intercropping of Asystasia gangetica. 2205-2214
Salamah U., Saputra, H. E.  Herman, W. and Husna, M. - Growth performance and sensitivity index of two types of melon under salinity stress on Bengkulu Coastal Land. 2215-2226
Sari, D. N., Togatorop, E. R. and Kinata, A. - Genotypes sensitivity of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) by sodium chloride. 2227-2236
Singh, I. R., Champathi Gunathilake, D. M. C. and Prasad, A. - Soil fertility status and nutrient index for important nutrients in Macuata province of Fiji Islands. 2237-2248
Subepang, S., Sehawong, W., Suwanphan, A. and Kamphayae, S. - Effect of cassava leaf pellet supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and economic return in Chalorais crossbred cattle fed rice straw as basal diet. 2249-2258
Suwandee, S., Saelee, R., Koohakan, P. and Montri, N. - Bioactivity of teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) and cajeput (Melaleuca cajuputi Powell) leaf extracted on inhibition fruit fungal pathogens. 2259-2280
Tassanaudom, U., Buntin, N. Nawong, S. and Wattananapakasem, I. - Effect of lactic acid bacteria powder on quality of fermented fish product (Pla-Som). 2281-2292
Tathong, T., Phoemchalard, C. and Pornanek, P. - Effects of low-temperature long-time cooking conditions on the quality of sous-vide cooked pork loin and ham. 2293-2308
Thanh, N. H., Thao, T. L. N. and Chon, N. M. - Morphological and molecular examination of Phytophthora sp. to identify the causal agent of patch canker in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) in Can Tho City. 2309-2324
Theprugsa, P. and Pakasap, C. - Effect of sodium chloride and sugar reduction on the quality of ready-to-eat- healthy chinese fish sausage. 2325-2334
U-taynapun, K., Rattanaporn, O., Ratchapol, B. and Chirapongsatonkul, N. - Antibacterial, quorum quenching and anti-biofilm formation activities of vinasse extracts against Vibrio parahaemolyticus. 2335-2348
Kungwon, P., Sinhabandhu, S. and Reanwarakorn, K. - Host range and graft-transmission of Columnea latent viroid in eggplant rootstocks. 2349-2366
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