Volume17, Number4, July 2021
Table of contents

Abbasi, Z. A., Kandhro, M. N., Chachar, Q., Shah, A. N., Memon, H. R., Chachar, S. and Mangrio, N. - Effect of seed priming on physiological and agronomic traits of sunflower genotypes under different irrigations. 1219-1240
Abdeen, S. A. - The synergistic effect of salinity and water depth on soil properties and maize productivity under foliar application of potassium silicate. 1241-1256
Addae-Frimpomaah, F., Denwar, N. N., Adazebra, G. A., Adjebeng-Danquah, J., Kanton, R. A. L., Afful, N. T. and Duut, M. - Assessment of genetic diversity among 32 pigeon pea genotypes using morphological traits and simple sequence repeat markers in Northern Ghana. 1257-1272
Almasco, A. Jr., Yabut, A. J., Zamora, M. J., Alvarez, L. V. Mapanao, C. P., Rendon, A. O., Zurbano, L. Y. and Bellere, A. D. - Morphological identification of plant nematodes found in roots and soil of Pomelo (Citrus maxima (J. Burm) Merr.). 1273-1286
Amudha, T., Thilagavathi, N. and Sangeetha, A. - A systematic study on bio-inspired frameworks for fertilizer optimization. 1287-1304
Barrogo, K. N., Jacinto, W. R. and Judan Cruz, K. G. - Quorum sensing inhibition activities of Philippines Ethnobotanicals against virulence factors in Staphylococcus aureus. 1305-1316
Chumnanka, C., Phattayakorn, K. and Saenmuang, S. - Impact of encapsulation techniques on the viability of Bifidobacterium longum and Streptococcus thermophilus. 1317-1328
Gondal, M. R., Rizvi, S. A., Naseem, W., Khan, A., Hayat, S., Mustafa, S., Arif, M., Basit, A. and Salim, J. - Role of weedicides for weed management and improvement in production of berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) fodder. 1329-1344
Gyeltshen, P. and Osathanunkul, K. - Market linkage system for small-scale farmers. 1345-1362
Kraisittipanit, R., Tancho, A., Aumtong, S. and Charerntantanakul, W. - A noval investigation of microbiome from vermicomposting liquid produced by Thai earthworm, Perionyx sp. 1. 1363-1372
Kshash, B. H.  and Oda, H. K.  - Awareness and use of soil conservation practices among Iraqi wheat farmers. 1373-1382
Kulabtong, S., Wattana, K., Charroenmoon, K., Bamrung, P. and Petsut, N. - Seasonal variation of macroinvertebrates in the estuary ecosystem: A case study of Mae Klong and Tha Chin Estuaries, the Upper Gulf of Thailand. 1383-1394
Lakitan, B., Ria, R. P., Putri, H. H., Achadi, T. and Herlinda, S. - Responses of taro plant (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) to cormel size as planting material, NPK application and aphid infestation. 1395-1412
Mamun Hossain, S. A. A., Kayum, M. A., Wang, L. and Md. Shahin - Effect of drip irrigation scheduling and mulching practice on pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.) pot-cultivation in Patuakhali Bangladesh. 1413-1424
Mishra, N., Tripathi, M. K., Tripathi, N. Tiwari, S., Gupta, N., Sharma, A. and Shrivastav, M. K. - Changes in biochemical and antioxidant enzymes activities play significant role in drought tolerance in soybean. 1425-1446
Musika, S., Pokratok, N., Pliankratoke, J., Kupradit, C., Khongla1, C., Ranok, A. and Mangkalanan, S. - Antioxidant, antityrosinase and antibacterial activities from fruit peel extracts. 1447-1460
Mustacisa-Lacaba, M. M., Dejarme, A. B. and Albina, M. B. - Preparation, Sensory Evaluation and Effectiveness of Philippine Tree Fern (Cyathea contaminans) as Anti-Spasm oil. 1461-1470
Najafi, S., Tuncturk, R., Tuncturk, M. and Seyyedi, N. - Chromosome analysis of Quercus castaneifolia. 1471-1484
Nalumpang, S., Poti, T. and Akimitsu, K. - Effect of salicylhydroxamic acid on mycelial growth and baseline sensitivity to azoxystrobin in Phytophthora infestans aausing potato late blight in Thailand. 1485-1496
Narumon, W. and Wittawat, W. - Growth performance of pigs fed diets containing distillers dried tapioca pulp (DDCP), a by-product from ethanol manufacturing. 1497-1506
Noppradit, P., Pradit, S., Muenhor, D., Doungsuwan, N., Whangsani, U., Sama, N. and Towatana, P. - Investigation of 37 years weather record and its relation to human health: A case study in Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand. 1507-1520
Nurjanah, Nurilmala, M., Abdullah, A., Seulalae, A. V. and Fauzan, R. - Characteristics of Eucheuma denticulatum and Turbinaria conoides porridge as body lotion materials. 1521-1536
Nwachukwu, C. U., Uzochukwu, I. E., Ifeanyieze, F. O., Ukonze, J. A. and Ali, C. C. - Effect of replacing wheat bran with dried rumen digesta on the growth performance of Giant African Land Snail (Archachatina marginata). 1537-1546
Phonpho, S., Seesanong, S. and Yoosukyingsataporn, S. - Effects of artificial light in indoor vertical garden on growth of Philodendron Lemon Lime and Philodendron Brasil. 1547-1560
Punyawattoe, P., Sutjaritthammajariyangkun, W., Thirawut, S., Chaiyasing, N., Supornsin, S., Sampaothong, S. and Nagura, T. - Efficacy of the FAZER helicopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in controlling rice leaf folder and dirty panicle disease in paddy fields. 1561-1568
Rabeea, A. A. - First report on the population dynamics of Egeirotrioza ceardi   (DeBergevin) (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) on Euphratica poplar trees in Iraq. 1569-1576
Sangsila, A., Chumroenphat, T. and Jorjong, S. - Effects of drying methods on active odorants, phytochemicals and antioxidant properties of Litsea petiolata Hook. f. leaves locally used as a substitute to male giant water bugs in pungent chili pastes. 1577-1590
Satongrod, B., Wanna, R., Khaengkhan, P. and Chumpawadee, T. - Fumigant toxicity and bioactivity of Wedelia trilobata (L.) essential oil against cowpea weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus). 1591-1604
Villaver, J. P., Alivio, E. M., Hajim, J. A. and Laylay, R. J. H. - Traditional maize farming practices and family involvement of smallholder farmers in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. 1605-1618
Vu, T. X., Tran, T. B., Hoang, C. Q., Nguyen, H. T., Phan, M. X. B., Dao, A. N., Dinh, M. T., Soytong, K. and Nguyen, H. Q. - Chemical compositions and Anti-malassezia properties of Vietnamese Mentha arvensis and Piper betle essential oils. 1619-1630
Yasin, G., Elias, U., Walelign, W. and Hussein, M. - Assessment of genetic diversity in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) genotypes in Southern Ethiopia based on Morpho-Agronomic traits. 1631-1650
Yogesh Pradeep, L., Masilamani Selvam, M., Manigundan, K., Gopikrishnan, V., Radhakrishnan, M., Jerrine, J. and Soytong, K. - Evaluation of the antagonistic and plant growth promoting properties of Streptomyces isolated from aubergine rhizosphere soil of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. 1651-1664
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