Volume17, Number3, May 2021
Table of contents

Aninbon, C., Jogloy, S., Vorasoot, N. and Patanothai, A. - Relationship between physiological and root traits of peanut genotypes under terminal drought stress. 795-808
Fabian, V. R. A., Suchodolak, L., Giongo, L. I., Nascimento, G. F., Carra, J. B., Fabris, M. and Tonial, L. M. S. - What the soil organic matter term has to offer in a survey bibliographic in the last decade using science direct database. 809-826
Geleta, C. D. and Kannan, N. - Forecasting reference evapotranspiration under climate change scenario in Lake Finchaa Watershed, Ethiopia. 827-846
Hansuek, S. and Na Nakorn, S. - Fruit growth and development of neck orange at the optimal time for harvesting under the difference period of climate. 847-854
Jeyaseeli, P., Jeyamangalam, F., Selvaraj, S. and Vella Durai, S. C. - Investigation of physico - chemical, physical properties and moisture content studies of soil using organic amendment. 855-870
Jirakajornjaritkul, C., Srisaad, K. and Khaengkhan, P. - Changes in germination of aged rice seeds after priming with rice bran, husks, brassinosteroids and chitosan. 871-882
Jitjak, W. and Sanoamuang, N. - Application of cost-effective coating materials supplemented with different types of local essential oil to control Fusarium verticillioides (Sacc.) Nerenberg from post-harvest avocado fruits. 883-898
Kaewhom, P. and Srikijkasemwat, K. - Molecular Identification of Anaplasma ovis and Anaplasma marginale in Sheep using PCR-RFLP method. 899-908
Kangsopa, J. and Jeephet, P. - Effect of osmopriming and coating seed with captan and metalaxyl on the germination and seedling growth of field corn. 909-920
Kraisittipanit, R., Charerntantanakul, W., Aumtong, S., Niumsup, P., Klayraung, S. and Tancho, A. - The potential of fungi collected from earthworm gut and vermicompost producing auxin under tryptophan and non-tryptophan culture. 921-928
Kunlapapuk, S., Saipattana, P., Limhang, K. and Kulabtong, S. - Sediment accumulation rate and carbon burial rate in the Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) ponds, Phetchaburi Province, upper Gulf of Thailand. 929-940
Malubag, A. G., Parayao, A. M. and Waing, K. G. D. - Idenification of endophytic fungi associated in banana (Musa paradisiaca L.) and evaluation of its enzymatic abilities. 941-958
Mangena, P. - Potential role of somatic embryo-generated synthetic seed production on mass propagation of recalcitrant grain legume crops in Sub-Saharan Africa. 959-976
Mat, K., Mohamad, N. A. S., Rusli, N. D., Rahman, M. M., Harun, H. C., Al-Amsyar, S. M. and Mahmud, M. - Preliminary study on the effect of feeding Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) on growth and laying performance of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica). 977-986
Mikhailov, D., Fedorov, V., Mitrokhin, M., Pronichkin A. K. and Soytong, K. - Using artificial intelligence systems for intensive safe cultivation of crops-short communication. 987-990
Naval, R. C., Carig, E. T., Dolojan, F. M., Julian, B. S. and Ngabit, J. B. A. B. - Empowering the entrepreneurial skills of women vegetable growers through farmer business school. 991-1000
Pato, U., Yusuf, Y., Panggabean, I. P., Handayani, N. P., Kusuma, A. N., Adawiyah, N. and Jaswir, I. - Viability of lactic acid bacteria, fatty acid profile and quality of cocoghurt made using local and commercial starters during fermentation. 1001-1014
Pattanachatchai, N., Sumhirun S., Promatar, P. and Sompen, N. - Effects of cultivated practices on the growth, phenolic content, antioxidant activity and Ca content of Chinese kale (Brassica oleracea L. var. alboglabra). 1015-1026
Plengsaengsri, P., Krusong, W., Thompson, A. K., Chadseesuwan, U. and Deetae, P. - Physico-chemical and microbiological properties of non-dairy yoghurt made from rice derivatives. 1027-1040
Reyes, A. T., Raymundo, A. K., Baldrias, L. R., Paller, V. G. and Dalmacio, I. F. - Occurrence of Streptococcus spp. on Farmed Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) in Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines. 1041-1060
Roy, R. N., Kundu, S. and Kumar, R. S. - The impacts and evidence of Australian droughts on agricultural crops and drought related policy issues. 1061-1076
Saeyang, R. and Nissapa, A. - Trade competitiveness in the global market: An analysis of four palm oil products from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. 1077-1094
Shyam, C., Tripathi, M. K., Tiwari, S., Ahuja, A., Tripathi, N. and Gupta, N. - In vitro regeneration from callus and cell suspension cultures in Indian mustard [Brassica juncea (Linn.) Czern & Coss]. 1095-1112
Singh, M. P., Mishra, A. K. and Singh, R. - Antifungal potential of some essential oils as a fumigant against a stored grain fungus, Aspergillus flavus. 1113-1120
Singkhum, U. - Effect of production process on physicochemical properties and bioactive compound in Karanda (Carissa carandas) tea. 1121-1134
Sivagami, S. and Mohanapriya, S. - Tomato leaf disease detection using image processing technique. 1135-1146
Somboonsuke, B., Boonkongma, M., Kongmanee, C., Thatthong, K. and Prapatigul, P. - The connection between rubber production and livelihood under rubber farming system along with oil palm growing in the southeast coast of Thailand. 1147-1160
Teangpook, C., Puminatb, W. and Saengprakai, J. - Effect of wet heating and pH on fatty acids of fresh coconut milk. 1161-1170
Wiangsamut, B. - Impact of water-saving method on grain yield of rice var. Khao Hawm Mae Paya Tong Dam in irrigated fields. 1171-1182
Wiangsamut, B. and Wiangsamut, M. E. L. - Assessment of four species of vegetables grown in deep flow technique and nutrient film technique hydroponic systems. 1183-1198
Wiyabot, T. and Manakit, P. - Effects of diet additive supplements on the performance and cost of grower-finisher production: A case study in Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand. 1199-1208
Wongphaiwan, K., Prapatigul, P., Sreshthaputra, S., Intaruccomporn, W. and Yammuen-Art, S. - Learning media needs of beef cattle farmers in Kong Khaek Sub-district, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province. 1209-1218
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