Volume17, Number1, January 2021
Table of contents

Chankaew, W., Amornlerdpison, D. and Lailerd, N. - Characteristics of red macroalgae, Caloglossa beccarii De Toni from freshwater for food as safe and other applications in Thailand. 1-12
Chhiev, B. and Jongrungrot, V. - Rubber agroforestry system (RAS) practices to overcome rubber price and soil erosion in Southern Thailand. 13-32
Chimthai, S., Na Chiangmai, P. and Brooks, S. - Genetic classification of upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) collected from minority farmers in Thailand using InDel marker. 33-46
Eng, W. H., Ho, W. S. and Ling, K. H. - Effects of colchicine treatment on morphological variations of Neolamarckia cadamba. 47-66
Haggag, W. M. - Agricultural digitalization and rural development in COVID-19 response plans: A review article. 67-74
Hamdan, H., Fauzi, A. M., Rusli, M. S. and Rustiadi, E. - The structural model of a sustainable coffee-based agrotechnology parks development in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. 75-86
Herawati, R., Masdar, Alnopri and Widodo - Genetic analysis of panicle architecture traits in F5 from single cross of local rice varieties for developing high yielding new type  of upland rice. 87-102
Homhuan, O, Panpakdee, C. and Borisutdhi, Y. - Assessing Students’ Satisfaction towards Agricultural Learning Services of the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek. 103-114
Jaroensathapornkul, J. - Value of food loss in ASEAN countries and its relationship with economic growth. 115-128
Kanjina, S. - Social media adoption and use by public agricultural extension organizations in Thailand. 129-142
Kunlapapuk, S., Saipattana, P., Limhang, K. and Kulabtong, S. - Phytoplankton composition in Pacific white shrimp ponds, Phetchaburi Province, upper Gulf of Thailand. 143-154
Lalitha, S. and Santhakumari, R. - Improving and effect of bio fertilizer on enhancement of the growth and bio chemical characteristic of photosynthesis on the Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.). 155-168
May Soe Oo, Mendoza, T. C., Paelmo, R. F. and Organo, N. D. - Comparative energy bill of inbred and hybrid rice genotypes grown under conventional and organic production system in Bay, Laguna, Philippines. 169-184
Mercado, C. A. and Mactal, A. G. - Degradation dynamics of glyphosate in two types of soil from corn fields of the Philippines. 185-192
Montero, J. C. and Geducos, D. T. - Ethnomedicinal plants used by the local folks in two selected villages of San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines. 193-212
Muktamar, Z., Fahrurrozi, F., Sudjatmiko, S., Setyowati, N. and Chozin, M. - Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium uptakes of organically grown sweet corn on coastal Entisols. 213-226
Napasirth, P. - Using spontaneously fermented cassava pulp (SFCP) neglected in an open-pit as the energy source of fermented total mixed ration (FTMR) on the in vitro gas production technique. 227-236
Ovharhe, O. J., Emaziye, P. O., Okpara, O., Agoda, S. and Benson, C. O. - Strategies adopted by maize farmers to minimize post-harvest losses in Delta State, Nigeria. 237-256
Pachanawan, A., Doungpueng, K. and Chuan-Udom, S. - Effects of disc peg drum parameters on maize shelling performance of an axial flow shelling unit. 257-276
Peuo, V., Mimgratok, S., Chimliang, T., Yagura, K., Huon, T. and Peuo, P. - Economic analysis of cassava production in Cambodia. 277-290
Phungamngoen, C. and Suwan, T. - Inhibition of xanthine oxidase and uric acid in canned bamboo shoot by Yanang juice. 291-304
Prapatigul, P. and Sreshthaputra, S. - Technology transfer of beef cattle raising for productivity improvement based on intensive farming of beef cattle raising group in Pua District, Nan Province. 305-316
Singh, M. P., Mishra, A. K. and Singh, R. - Antifungal potential of some essential oils as a fumigant against a stored grain fungus, Aspergillus flavus. 317-324
Sirirustananun, N. and Jongput, B. - Appropriate stocking density for growth of watermeal (Wolffia arrhiza) and its efficiency of total ammonia nitrogen removal. 325-336
Sritrakul, N. and Keawsompong, S. - Polysaccharides in copra meal: extraction conditions, optimisation and characterisation. 337-348
Supapunt, P., Intanu, P. and Chaikampun, K. - Factors affecting farmers’ adoption of good agricultural practice in vegetable production in the upper North of Thailand. 349-362
Tongchure, S., Chaodee, J., Jatuporn, C. and Sukprasert, P. - Thai traditional bent tree development by mother of Cocoa (Gliricidia sepium). 363-374
Wanna, R. - Potential of essential oils from Piper nigrum against cowpea weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius). 375-384
Wondatir, S. and Getnet, A. - Determination of supplementary irrigation water requirement and schedule for Sorghum in Kobo-Girana Valley, Ethiopia. 385-398
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