Volume16, Number6, November 2020
Table of contents

Ali, H. S., Al-khalifa, A. S., Abd-Elsalam, I. S. and Ali, N. F. - Synergistic effect of some probiotics and natural dye on the improvement of yogurt properties. 1307-1318
Anuchai, J. and Sasiangdee, A. - Effect of growth regulator on shoot induction from protochrom of Dendrobium Anna. 1319-1330
Chanawanno, T. and Mongkontanawat, N. - Effects of different source of probiotic encapsulatation on some physico-chemical characteristics, viability and acceptability and its microstructure in probiotic salak juice. 1331-1348
Chaturattanachaiporn, K. and Luangsakul, N. - Development of sterilized durian cake roll. 1349-1360
Felipe, R. D., Undan, J. R., Evangelista, E. V. and Cruz, J. A. - Isolation and identification of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the long-term fertility experiment in irrigated lowland rice ecosystem. 1361-1372
Florendo, P. DC. and Sharma-Shivappa, R. R. - Effect of prewashing silages of Panicum virgatum L. on carbohydrates composition, enzyme hydrolysis and yeast fermentation. 1373-1384
Jitkham, P., Wongsawad, C., Koychusakun, P. and Phalaraksh, C. - Prevalence of trematode metacercariae in cyprinoid fish from Chiang Rai province, Thailand. 1385-1396
Kheawrod, W., Sivapirunthep, P., Thiwaratkoon, P., Chongcharoen, M., Chancharoen, P. Yathongchai, W. and Chaosap, C. - The influence of fattening periods on performance, carcass composition, and meat quality of Charolais crossbred steers. 1397-1406
Khermkhan, J., Chepoo, K. and Lertdanaipong, E. - Factor affecting the improvement of mango plantation for commercial ripe fruit production and SWOT analysis of Nam Dok Mai Mango collaborative farming in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province, Thailand - Short Communications. 1407-1414
Kumueang, C., Tangwatcharin, P. and Sorapukdee, S. - Effect of sterility value on qualities of Chinese braised culled steer beef in retort pouch. 1415-1424
Malumpong, C., Siriya, N., Pompech, D., Itthisoponkul, T., Arikit, S., Romkaew, J. and Cheabu, S. - Variation in spikelet fertility and grain quality under heat stress during reproductive stage in Thai non-photosensitive rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars. 1425-1444
Ofuoku, A. U. and Ogisi, O. D. - Change management in vegetable farming: the case of farmers in Delta State, Nigeria. 1445-1462
Ovharhe, O. J., Okwuokenye, G. F. and Emaziye, P. - Farmers’ satisfaction with agricultural extension services in Delta State, Nigeria. 1463-1474
Pavirhra, R. and Lalitha, S. - Tetradecane producing biocontrol agent Trichoderma spp. against Fusarium oxysporum in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.). 1475-1492
Sampaothong, S. and Punyawattoe, P. - Efficacy, technical parameters and costs of applying insecticide using boom sprayers vs spray lances for controlling melon thrips in orchid nurseries in Thailand. 1493-1504
Shehzad, M., Hira, A., Khalid, M., Muhammad, J., Majid, M. T, Mehdi, M., Naeem, S., Ayesha, A., Muhammad, A. Q, Hafiz, M. R. J., Khuram, M., Aqeel, A. and Sadaf, K. - Influence of various mineral phosphorus sources on growth and yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) in rainfed conditions of Rawalakot, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 1505-1514
Soytong, K., Unthuraloet, K. and Younes Rezaee Danesh - Serratia marcescens KMITL2020 as a plant growth stimulant and bacterial antagonist to control brown leaf spot of rice caused by Drechslera oryzae. 1515-1526
Thawonwat, R., Sivapirunthep, P., Kongpiboon, W. and Tuntivisoottikul, K. - Biological, farm and slaughter month factors affecting dairy carcass traits and the relationship between the traits, thoracic cavity depth and carcass length. 1527-1536
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