Volume15, Number5, September 2019
Table of contents

Aroonsrimorakot, S.  and Laiphrakpam, M. - Application of solar energy technology in agricultural farming for sustainable development: A review article. 685-692
Awio, T., Alacho, F., Otim-Nape, G. W., Ijala, T., Ogwang, S. B., Aseere, G., Okello, G.  and Akullu, A. - Pioneering commercialization of certified cassava seed production: Impacts on sustainable cassava production, income and wealth creation in Uganda. 693-706
Kaeomuangmoon, T., Jintrawet, A. and Katzfey, J. - Estimating Seasonal Fragrant Rice Production in Thailand: A review article. 707-722
Noichaisin, L., Buranapratheprat, A., Manthachitra, V. and Intarawichian, N. - The influence of El Nino on water shortage area in Sa Kaeo province, Thailand by using GIS. 723-734
Phinyo, M., Kapud, J. and Inyawilert, W. - The utilization of charcoal from agricultural residual waste materials in nitrification from hybrid catfish cultured water. 735-746
Promsomboon, P.  and  Promsomboon, S. - Environmental  responsibility of  rice var. Kum Bangpra  and  Riceberry in lowland and upland conditions. 747-752
Quan, Q. D., Nguyen, T. C., Tran, B. H., Chung, A. D. and Tran, H. D. - Based zoometric description of adult Phu Quoc ridgeback dog (Canis familiaris). 753-768
Raumjit, N., Siwadon, S. Sukanya, S. and Thirayut, W. - Comparison of root system and stomata in nine upland rice varieties. 769-778
Suk-ueng, K., Chantima, K. and Prasertsin, T. - Spatial distribution of soil quality using geoinformatics in agricultural areas in Nang Lae Sub-district, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province. 779-790
Thaipong, K. and Boonprakob, U. - Salt tolerance evaluation in guava germplasm. 791-796
Thiep, N. V, Soytong, K., Thi Kim Oanh, N., Huy Quang, P. and Hai Yen, P. - Reserch and development of enzymatic producing fungi as biofertilizer for tea and arabica coffee production in northern Vietnam. 797-806
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