Volume15, Number3, May 2019
Table of contents

Abugre, S., Adusu, D. and Ampofo, K. T. - Performance of tree stand growth and nutrient status of a reclaimed land. 387-398
Choopeng, S. and Te-chato, S. - The use of RAPD marker for verification of Dendrobium hybrid, D. santana x D. friedericksianum orchid. 399-408
Kongsan, S., Srikijkasemwat, K., Jirajaroenrat, K. and Suphalucksana, W. - Chemical composition and diversity of lactic acid bacteria in guinea grass based silages. 409-424
Kulabtong, S., Wudtisin, I, Areechon, N. and Yoonpundh, R. - Changes in phytoplankton populations within integrated culture systems of caged Nile tilapia with open-pond Pacific white shrimp and Giant freshwater prawn. 425-444
Malumpong, C., Youngkom, P., Vanavichit, A. and Siang-Liw, M. - Variation in tolerance to salinity stress at the reproductive stage in a large fast neutron mutant rice (Oryza sativa L.) population. 445-464
Pongnak, W. and Soytong, K. - Research and development on phosphorus and potassium biofertilizer. 465-470
Saisakul, F. - Management of agricultural labor force: The case of foreign workers. 471-484
Seephueak, P., Preecha, C. and Seephueak, W. - The diversity of fungi associated with rice (Oryza sativa L.) from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. 485-500
Suksringarm, J., Singseewo, A. and Appamaraka, S. - Development of knowledge, awareness, critical thinking and argumentation of the 9th grade’s students taught socio-environmental issues using mixed methods based on adapted problem-based learning. 501-518
Waritchon, N., Kunlaporn, P. and Jiraporn, S. - Effect of wheat flour replacement with durian seed flour on the quality of egg noodles. 519-526
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