Volume15, Number2, March 2019
Table of contents

Aroonsrimorakot, S. and Whangchai, N. - The application of tannin extract from plants to reduce the concentration of arsenic. 207-214
Bhuvitarkorn, S., Klinkong, S. and Reanwarakorn, K. - Enhancing Columnea latent viroid detection using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP). 215-228
Boonsupa, W. - Chemical properties, antioxidant activities and sensory evaluation of mango vinegar. 229-240
Chit-aree, L., Suwannawong, P., Somboonchai, P., Matta, F. B. and Prathumyot, W. - Effect of potassium chlorate combined with paclobutrazol, monopotassium phosphate and mepiquat chloride on fruit quality of longan (Dimocarpus longan). 241-248
Choopeng, S., Te-chato, S. and Khawnium, T. - Effect of cochicine on survival rate and ploidy level of hydrid between Dendrobium santana and D. friedericksiana orchid. 249-260
Hermawan, B., Suhartoyo, H., Anandyawati, Sukisno, Gonggo, B., Hasanudin and Agustian, I. - Spatial variability in soil water under adjacent mature oil palm and rubber plantations: application of a new dielectric method in evaluating soil water. 261-272
Injana, W., Phonpakdee, R., Poungsuk, P. and Petsangsri, S. - Creation of knowledge management process in broiler production of Thailand. 273-286
Inyawilert, W., Rungruangsak, J. Chanthi, S. Liao, Y. J. Phinyo, M. Tang, P. C. and Nfor, O. N. - Age-related difference changes semen quality and seminal plasma protein patterns of Thai native rooster. 287-296
Kawpet, R., De Bels, M. and Saengyot, S. - Virulence and genetics at the molecular level of an indigenous strain of Beauveria bassiana affected by artificial and mass production media usage for sustainable insect control. 297-308
Kongroi, K. and Likitdacharote, B. - The relationship of hematological values with Newcastle disease antibody in Thai indigenous chicken: strain Leung Hang Khao. 309-318
Najoie, A., Dani, F., Roger, H., Priscilla, N., Maan, M., Salem, H.,  Ariadne, A., Efstratios, K., Zacharenia, K., Adil, B. and Elie, A. - Potentially harmful elements in lebanese fattoush salad. 319-332
Pilasombut, K., Sorapukdee, S., Chetawan, T. and Ngamyeesoon, N. - Effect of glycerol on improving quality of ready to eat Nham jerky, an innovation of Thai fermented meat product. 333-346
Prathumyot, W., Makboon, R., Yota, M., Chakhatrakan, S., Matta, F. B. and Chitaree, L. -  Effect of biogas effluent from pig manure and longan (Dimocarpus longan) residues on growth of marigold (Tagetes erecta). 347-358
Son, T. D. and Naoki, U. -  Design and experimental verification of a small sized machine for making Vietnamese fresh Bun rice noodle. 359-374
Wulandari, N. F., Suharna, N., Yulinery, T. and Nurhidayat N. - Probiotication of black jelly [Mesona chinenesis (Benth.)] by encapsulated Lactobacillus plantarum Mar8 for a ready to drink (RTD) beverages. 375-386
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