Volume14, Number7, December 2018 Special issue
Table of contents

Soytong, K., Poeaim, S., Pongnak, W., Luenam, L. Poeaim, A., Kuhaswonvetch, S., Poungsuk, P. and Laipasu, P. - KMITL organic agriculture model:- a review article. 989-996
Amrullah, A. H. K., Widayati, D. T. and Maharani, D. - Study on vaginal epithelial cells in Brahman cattle suspected reach puberty. 997-1002
Anuchai, J., Chumthongwattana, M., Tepsorn, R. and Supapavnich, S. - Efficiency of salicylic acid immersion using fine-bubble technique on quality of Musa AAA fruit during ripening. 1003-1016
Azad, S. M. O., Towatana, P., Pradit, S., Patricia, B. G. and Hue, H. T. T. - Ingestion of microplastics by some commercial fishes in the lower Gulf of Thailand: a preliminary approach to ocean conservation. 1017-1032
Bautista, M. L., Pomer, P. and Salonga, J. J. - Comparison of toxic effects of Psidium guajava leaf and bark extracts against Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina). 1033-1038
Boonkoed, S., Suphalucksana, W., Sitthigripong, R., Srikijkasemwat, K., Mitchaothai, J. and Lukkananukool, A. - The effect of adding mung bean meal supplementation on Napier Pakchong 1 silage on fermentation quality and nutrient composition. 1039-1048
Boonyong, S., Ngamsangie, C. and Ruengthara, P. - Opportunity and risk from urban planning policy relating to real estate development and preservation of rural and agricultural areas at the present in Mueang Chantaburi of Thailand. 1049-1064
Buamool, P. and Phakamas, N. - Effects of different forms nitrogen fertilizer on growth and yield of four tropical pasture grasses. 1065-1076
Bunnaen, W. and Yartniyom, O. - The development of Organic Farming Network  Learning Centers for youths in Kantharawichai district, Mahasakham province, Thailand. 1077-1088
Cavite, H. J. M., Mactal, A. G. M., Cruz, J. A. and Khermkhan, J. - Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria from upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) rhizosphere and their tricalcium phosphate solubilizing abilities. 1089-1096
Chanyawiwatkul, J., Supapavnich, S. and Takeungwongtrakul, S. - Physicochemical properties and oxidative stability of oils from samrong (Sterculia foetida) seed. 1097-1106
Chayhard, S., Manthachitra, V., Nualchawee, K., and Buranapratheprat, A. - Application of unmanned aerial vehicle to estimate seagrass biomass in Kung Kraben Bay, Chanthaburi province, Thailand. 1107-1114
Chirapongsatonkul, N., Srichanun, M. and U-taynapun, K. - Virulence factor gene profiles of Aeromonas veronii isolated from diseased nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in Nakhon Si Thammarat province and its expression towards diurnal water temperature changes. 1115-1128
Chozin, M. and Sudjatmiko, S. - Performances of sweet corn hybrids under organic crop management across three agro-climatic zones of the tropics. 1129-1140
Chumthong, B. and Detpiratmongkol, S. - Response of biomass and yield of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni.) to flower removal. 1141-1146
Chunsuparerk, D. - The agricultural water resource management model in Lam Se Bai Irrigation Area, Amnat Charoen Province, Thailand. 1147-1160
Detpiratmongkol, S. and Liphan, S. - Effects of different harvesting times on growth, yield and quality of Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata Wall Ex. Nees). 1161-1170
Fahrurrozi, F., Muktamar, Z., Chozin, M., Setyowati, N. and Sudjatmiko, S. - Relationships between potassium uptakes and yield performances of sweet corn grown under organic production system. 1171-1180
Fajardo, L. J. and Ocampo, P. P. - Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase activities in whitegoby, Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton, 1822) from the East Bay of Laguna Lake, Philippines. 1181-1192
Gajete, T. D., , Legaspi, T. D., Abesamis, E. P., Marquez, N. N., Cabute, Z. C., Padilla, J. N. and Aquino, F. B. - Enhancing productivity and profitability of rainfed rice production areas through adoption of improved rice ratooning technology. 1193-1208
Haggag, M. W. - Development and application of biotechnological products for sustainable corn and soybean production under stresses condition. 1209-1224
Hansuek, S., Liamnimitr, N. and Khawniam, T. - Effects of BA and NAA on plant regeneration of neck orange (Citrus reticulate Blanco) 1225-1234
Hiranon, N., Sivapirunthep, P. and Chaosap, C. - The Effect of different forms of selenium on fatty acid composition in broiler meat. 1235-1242
Inkam, M., Whangchai, N., Tongsiri, S. and Sompong, U. - Effects of oil enriched diets on growth, feed conversion ratio and fatty acid content of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in biofloc system. 1243-1258
Intrakamhaeng, M., Singpun, Y., Sreward, C., Phakhunthod, S. and Ketphonthong, S. - The occurrence of MRSA, MSSA and antibiotic resistance, related factors in area of dairy farming of Mahasarakham province, Thailand. 1259-1266
Jaisut, N., Teerarak, M., Ngamyeesoon, N. and Pilasombut, K. - Comparison of antioxidant properties in different herbal fresh sausages. 1267-1278
Jamnongtoi, P., Sivapirunthep, P. and Chaosap, C. - Effect of dietary organic and inorganic selenium on carcass composition and meat characteristics of broiler chickens. 1279-1286
Jedoroh, N., Laipasu, P., Chareonsap, P. P. and Poeaim, A. - Induction of shoot and root from nodes of Kadsura heteroclite. 1287-1292
Jorjong, S., Sakhunkhu, S. and Plaetita, W. - Phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacities in leaves of fifteen Mao-Luang (Antidesma thwaitesianum Müll. Arg.) cultivars. 1293-1306
Josue, R. dR. - Mass rearing and dispersal of biological control agents (BCAs) as interventions in Coconut Scale Insect (CSI) calamity areas in Basilan, Philippines. 1307-1314
Kaewploy, N., Aquino, U. M. and Phonpakdee, R. - The People’s participation on the indigenous serrated mud crabfattening practices in La-ngu district, Satun province, Thailand. 1315-1326
Khermkhan, J. and Mankeb, P.- The agricultural tourism management in family business: case study of Rayong province in Thailand. 1327-1334
Kromkratoke, W. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - Performance financial analysis of rubber cooperatives in Trat province, Thailand. 1335-1346
Kulsuwan, P. and Sirisathit, P. - Cost-benefit analysis of waste segregation business in Amnatcharoen Province of Northeastern Thailand. 1347-1356
Kunwanlop, W., Boonmee, W., Laipasu, P., Chareonsap, P. P., Krajangvuth, T. and Poeaim, A. - Effect of plant growth regulators on micropropagation of Vanilla aphylla and Vanilla planifolia sp. Variegate. 1357-1364
Kunyanee, K. and Luangsakul, N. - The utilization of ultrasound and chilling treatment to reduce GI in Thai glutinous rice (RD6). 1365-1378
Laosutthipong, C. and Chuawongboon, P. - Genetic relationship of maternal lineages in Phetchaburi native cattle. 1379-1390
Limmanee, P. - Promoting the conservation of watershed forestry among environmental education students at the faculty of environment and resource studies. 1391-1398
Luangsakul, N. and Ritudomphol, O. - Effect of oil addition on in vitro starch digestibility and physicochemical properties of instant rice. 1399-1412
Mamhot, J. R., Peralta, D. A. and Bejar, J. L. - Species composition of macroinvertebrates in Sto. Tomas Cove, La Union, Philippines. 1413-1422
Mangkalad, T., Soytong, K., Tangthirasunun, N. and Poeaim, S. - Effective of Neosatorya to control Phomopsis asparagi causing stem blight of asparagus. 1423-1432
Meesook, K., Pongtongkam, P. and Poeaim, A. - Influences of gamma ray and polyethylene glycol to identified the drought-resistant in the rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. Riceberry) by plant tissue culture. 1433-1444
Mongkol, R. and Chavasiri, W. - Antimicrobial and weed inhibitory activities of Senna spectabilis extracts against plant pathogens. 1445-1454
Mongkontanawat, N., Laohkitikul, S.  and Lertnimitmongkol, W. - Fermentation of Gac juice mixture by probiotic lactic acid bacteria. 1455-1470
Muktamar, Z., Adiprasetyo, T., Yulia, Suprapto, Sari L., Fahrurrozi, F. and Setyowati, N. - Residual effect of vermicompost on sweet corn growth and selected chemical properties of soils from different organic farming practices. 1471-1482
Na Nakorn, W., Chaymeang, C. and Chaison, C. - Diversity and evenness of indigenous vegetables in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand. 1483-1494
Nampukdee, R., Polyorach, S., Wanapat, M., Kang, S., Cherdthong, A., Gunun, P., Gumun, N. and Sitthigripong, R. - Effects of microbial fermented liquid (MFL) supplementation on gas production kinetics and digestibility using in vitro gas production technique. 1495-1504
Natungnuy, K., Chareonsap, P. P. and Poeaim, S. - Biological activities of the methanolic extracts from two varieties of Dimocarpus longan seeds. 1505-1514
Ngoenngam, L., Pongtongkam, P., Arananant, J. Poeaim, S. and Poeaim, A. - In vitro effect of plant growth regulators (PGRs) for callus induction and plant regeneration from suspension of Hamata (Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano). 1515-1524
Non-see, M., Lukkananukool, A., Polyorach, S., Sommart, K., Sazili, A. Q. and Chaosap, C. - Degradation of troponin-T associated with calpain/ calpastatin genes expression in native Thai beef cattle fed different levels of energy. 1525-1534
Okigbo, R. N. and Okigbo, J. E. - Ethnostudy of mushrooms and establishment of pure culture of cantharellus species (Ero Umunwene) a newly discovered mushroom found in Ukwa-East, Abia State, Nigeria. 1535-1560
Ordonio, J. L., Vergara, G. V. and Gregorio, G. B. - Identification of best segregating family of NSIC Rc222/jumbo jet under salt stress at reproductive stage for use as a mapping population. 1561-1574
Paiboon, N., Aroon, S., Thanee, N., Jitpukdee, S. and Tantipanatip, W. - Dung beetle assemblages in three human-modified landscapes in northeastern Thailand. 1575-1582
Pasorn, P., Senakun, C., Saensouk, S., Sinsiri, W. and Somboonwattanakul, I. -  Evaluate Characteristics of new cherry tomato varieties of Mahasarakham University. 1583-1588
Pattarasaikul, W., Soytong, K. and Poeiam, S. - Biological control of anthracnose disease on ‘Namwa Mali-Ong’ banana by Neosartorya species. 1589-1598
Phakamas, N. and Yampracha, S. - Application of soil test kit for evaluating nitrogen fertilizer requirement of Napier Pakchong 1 grass in Thailand. 1599-1610
Phonmakham, J., Wattanasuksakul, S. and Poeaim, S. - Antibacterial and anti-tyrosinase activities of the methanolic extracts from leaves of Tectona grandis. 1611-1618
Phuknoi, A., Suwanmaneepong, S. and Kuhaswonvetch, S. - The operation performance of Khao Hin Sorn Agricultural Cooperative Rice Mill Ltd., Chachoengsao province, Thailand. 1619-1630
Pilasombut, K., Laosinwattana, C., Tuyen Nguyen, T. K. and Teerarak, M. – In vitro antimicrobial properties of different solvent extracts from carissa fruts Carissa carandas L. 1631-1642
Pimrat, T., Lilitsajja, P. and Tepsorn, R. - Application of advance oxidation process combination with fine bubble technology on the reduction of Escherichia coli O157:H7 contaminated on bird eye chilli (Capsicum frutescens L.). 1643-1656
Pitakpong, A. and Maungsan, N. - The use of epiphytic lichen as a biomonitor on air quality,  nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide deposition in mab ta phut industrial estate, Rayong province. 1657-1668
Poungsuk, P . , Junlek, P . and Poeaim, S . - Facilitation of organic agricultural learning in school and community. 1669-1678
Prathumyot, W., Chitaree, L., Chakhatrakan, S., Romkaew, J., Waramit, N., Matta, F. B. and Ehara, H. - Responses of sago palm under water deficiency condition. 1679-1684
Preecha, C. and Na Nakorn, S. - Fruit growth and development of pummelo cv. tubtim siam at the difference tree age and fruit age for the optimal harvesting time under the climate variation. 1685-1692
Puansurin, K., Wongtragoon, U., Singchan, B. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - The study of participatory monitoring of air quality and urban heat, case study Udon Thani province, Thailand. 1693-1708
Punyanobpharat, A., Soytong, K. and Poeaim, S. - Effective of Neosartorya and Talaromyces use to control Alternaria brassicicola causing leaf spot of kale. 1709-1718
Putranto H. D., Setianto, J. , Yumiati, Y. and Handika, D.  -  Analyses of body and chest morphometric comparison between two Indonesian local poultry species. 1719-1730
Rakrawee, R., Kittibanpacha, K., Chareonsap, P. and Poeaim, A. - Efficiency of cytokinin for propagation of Gluta usitata (Na-pong3) in vitro. 1731-1742
Raksasiri, B. V., Paengkoum, P., Paengkoum, S. and Poonsuk, K. - The effect of supplementation of synbiotic in broiler diets on production performance, intestinal histomorphology and carcass quality. 1743-1754
Ramasoot, S., Nuannut, W. and Khawniam, T. - Colchicine and UV radiation treatment on somatic embryo formation of hybrid oil palm sub-PSU variety. 1755-1764
Ravikumar, L. and Subramanian, N. - Improvement of Oil yielding crops yield attributes using plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. 1765-1776
Ravikumar, L. and Subramanian, N. - Production and yield attributes of biofertilizers on pulse crops. 1777-1786
Reyes, A., Ambita, I. D., Batalon, J. L., Aba, B. L., Cortes, A., Macabecha, C. G. and Montecillo, A. - Isolation and characterization of keratinolytic bacteria from soil samples of poultry waste dumping sites. 1787-1800
Roque, R. L. A., Bolivar, R. B. and Rafael, R. R. - Phytochemical screening and masculinization of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus Linnaeus) using the needle and root crude extracts of Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon). 1801-1812
Roy, D., Kowsari, M. S., Nath, T. D., Taiyebi, K. A. and Rashid, M. M. - Smallholder farmers’ perception to climate change impact on crop production: Case from drought prone areas of Bangladesh. 1813-1828
Ruaykijakarn, N., Suwanmaneepong, S. and Kuhaswonvetch, S. - Knowledge and attitudes towards marketing innovation of organic rice farmers in Sanam Chai Khet organic agriculture group, Chachoengsao province, Thailand. 1829-1842
Rumjuankiat, K., Sonhom, N., Showpanish, K., Somsri, A. and Pilasombut, K. - In vitro antioxidant activities and volatile compounds from karanda (Carissa carandas L.) fruit wine. 1843-1860
Samoraphum, C., Thongplew, W. and Phiewjun, C. - The development of new agricultural theory network group in Ban Kung, Surin province Thailand. 1861-1870
Sanchez, R. G., Barrientos, D. S. and Galindez, J. L. - Effect of indigenous microorganism extended solution (IMO-ES) on basmati rice. 1871-1882
Sangsila, A., Promden, W. and Pimda, W. - Antioxidant and antityrosinase activities in germinated brown rice of indigenous Thai cultivars. 1883-1892
Senakun, C., Chunta, S., Somboonwattanakul, I., Yodsiri, S., Kurukodt, J. and Senakun, A. - Diversity, utilization and cultural significance of purple rice in northeastern Thailand. 1893-1904
Setyowati, N., Sudjatmiko, S., Muktamar, Z., Fahrurrozi, F., Chozin, M. and  Simatupang, P. - Growth and yield responses of cauliflower on tithonia (Tithonia diversifolia) compost under organic farming practices. 1905-1914
Siriput, O., Thummathiwat, P. D. and Limunggura, T. -  Participatory action research for waste management of KSL River Kwai natural agriculture center, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand. 1915-1920
Siriwatthanamichai, N. and Kurukodt, J. - The development of organic farming promoting manual for agriculturists of Ban Nongtokpan Tambon Nongtokpan, Amphoe Yang Talat, Kalasin province. 1921-1930
Smittinun, P., Sivapirunthep, P. and Chaosap, C. - Cholesterol content and fatty acid composition in Longissimus dorsi muscle of purebred and crossbred pigs. 1931-1938
Sokhuma, P., Intoorathed, S. and Phonpakdee, R. - Effect of IBA and NAA on rooting and axillary shoot outgrowth of ‘Himalayan’ mulberry stem cutting. 1939-1948
Sompong, U., PongUdom, P. and Whangchai, N. - Microbial degradation of musty odor in aquaculture pond. 1949-1960
Song, J. J., Soytong, K., Kanokmedhakul, S. and Kanokmedhakul, K. - Nano-particles from Chaetomium lucknowense to inhibit rice blast pathogen causded by Pyricularia oryzae in pot experiment. 1961-1968
Srichanun, M, Lerssutthichawal, T., Nganwisuthiphan, T. and Chirapongsatonkul, N.  - Possibility of split mushroom Schizophyllum commune by-product extracts as antimicrobial and antioxidant agent for aquaculture. 1969-1976
Sriudorn, N. and Benchawattananon, R. - Morphology and anatomy of rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis) and relationship between its elemental components and soil properties for identification of endemic species. 1977-1986
Supapvanich, S., Chimsoontorn, V., Anan, W., Boonyaritthongchai, P., Tepsorn, R. and Techavuthiporn, C. - Effect of preharvest chitosan application on bioactive compounds of and sunflower sprouts during storage. 1987-1998
Supsuan, P., Surin, P. and Yampracha, S. - Effects of organic fertilizer application on the transformation of nitrogen in paddy soil. 1999-2014
Suteky, T., Dwatmadji, Hidayat and Sanata, D. - Effects of Melastoma malabatricum extract on nutrient digestibility of local goat infected with gastro intestinal parasites concise and informative. 2014-2026
Suwanmaneepong, S. Fakkhong, S. and Kullachai, P. - SWOT analysis and marketing strategies development of agricultural products for community group in Nong Chok, Bangkok, Thailand. 2027-2040
Tansian, P. and Parinthawong, N. - Mating type and genetic diversity analysis of Pyricularia oryzae collected from Thai rice varieties. 2041-2050
Templonuevo, R. M., Alcantara, S., Juanico, C. S. and Yambot, A. - DNA barcoding of two commercially important fish families (Carangidae and Lutjanidae) collected from Cuyo, Palawan, Philippines. 2051-2066
Thinh, N. H., Laosinwattana, C. and Wichittrakarn, P. - Optimal extraction solvents use for extraction of Thunbergia laurifolia Linn. leaves and its mode of action on weed control. 2067-2076
Thinkamchoet, J. and Wongchantra, P. - The development of   camp on natural resources and environmental sonservation in the ASEAN for youths in Roi-et province. 2077-2096
Thiwaratkoon, P., Sivapirunthep, P., Tuntivisoottikul, K., Chongcharoen, M., Sitthigripong, R., and Chaosap, C. - Influence of charolais sires and seasons on growth performance and carcass characteristics in crossbred steers. 2097-2106
Thongjua, T. and Thongjua, J. - The effectiveness of some plant extracts and insecticides for control thrips (Thysanoptera : Thripidae) in Pummelo cv. Tubtimsiam. 2107-2114
Thongkham, D., Soytong, K., Kanokmedhakul, S. and Kanokmedhakul, K. - Nano-particles derived from Chaetomium elatum against Phytophthora rot of durian. 2115-2124
Thongruang S., Paengkoum, P., Suksombat, W. and Bureenok, S. - Effects of tropical forage species on Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens, Fibrobacter succinogenes and total bacteria population in goat rumen using real-time PCR techniques. 2125-2136
Thummanatsakun, V. and Yampracha, S. - Effects of interaction between nitrogen and potassium on the growth and yield of cassava. 2137-2150
Thuy, H. L. T., Bao, C. H., Phuong, T. V. T., Lap, D. B., Hai, N. T. V., Minh, H. D. and Tien, T. N. - Deproteinization in purification of exopolysaccharide from Ophiocordyceps sinensis olive oil – stimulated culture. 2151-2162
Tongon, R., Soytong, K., Kanokmedhakul, S. and Kanokmedhakul, K. - Nano-particles from Chaetomium brasiliense to control Phytophthora palmivora caused root rot disease in durian var Montong. 2163-2170
Tongsad, P., Laipasu, P., Chareonsap, P. P. and Poeaim, A. - The effect of plant growth regulator and in vitro conservation of teak (Tectona grandis L.) by tissue culture. 2171-2180
Udompongsuk, M., Soytong, K., Kanokmedhakul, S. and Kanokmedhakul, K. - The in vitro efficacy of Chaetomium brasiliense against Pythium spp. causing root rot disease of tangerine. 2181-2190
U-taynapun, K., Mueangkan, N. and Chirapongsatonku, N. - Efficacy of herbal extracts to control multi-antibiotics resistant (MAR) Aeromonas veronii isolated from motile Aeromonas septicemia (MAS)-Exhibiting Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). 2191-2206
Vareeket, R., Soytong, K., Kanokmedhakul, S. and Kanokmedhakul, K. - Nano-particles from Cheatomium brasiliense against brown spot of rice. 2207-2214
Wiangsamut, B. and Koolpluksee, M. - Effect of various ethephon concentrations on flowering, yield, costs and returns of productions of four pineapple varieties. 2215-2228
Wongpa, J. and Thongsanitgarn, P. - Effect of Para rubber latexand coir on compressive strength, water absorption and volumetric change of adobe brick. 2229-2240
Worawetwattana, S., Kuhaswonvetch, S. and Thunmathiwat, D. P. - Study on the causes and weedy rice management of farmers in Lumplatiw community, Ladkrabang district, Bangkok Metropolitan, Thailand. 2241-2250
Yoosukyingsataporn, S. and Detpiratmongkol, S. - Effects of sulfometuron-methyl as chemical ripener on growth and yield of three sweet sorghum cultivars. 2251-2260
Yoshida, A. K. and Tomooka, N. - Fine mapping of quantitive trait loci for seed-related traits in yardlong bean. 2261-2270
Soytong, P., Janchidfa, K., Phengphit, N. and Chayhard, S. - Monitoring urban heat island in the Eastern region of Thailand and its mitigating through greening city and urban agriculture. 2271-2294
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