Volume14, Number6, November 2018
Table of contents

Chozin, M., Sudjatmiko, S., Fahrurrozi, F., Setyowati, N. and Muktamar, Z. - Hybrid performances and heterosis in sweet corn as grown under organic crop management in tropical highland climate. 815-832
El-Mohamedy, R. S. R., El-Gamal, N. G., El-Shamy, A. R. and Atalla S. M. M. - Biosynthesis of zinc nanoparticles and its effect on enzymes production by Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonus flourescens using different agricultural wastes. 833-844
Janruang, P. and Unartngam, J. - Morphological and molecular based identification of corn downy mildew distributed in Thailand. 845-860
Jedoroh, N. Poeaim, A. Laipasu, P. and Chareonsap, P. P. - Callus induction and cell suspension culture from leaves of Kadsura coccinea (Lem.) 861-870
Khurnpoon, L. and Siriphanich, J. - The roles of calcium lactate on bruised damage in papaya fruit. 871-880
Olaoye, J. O. and Aturu, O. B. - Design and fabrication of a mechanised centrifugal melon shelling and cleaning machine. 881-896
Pitakpong, A. and Maungsan, N. - The use of epiphytic lichen as a biomonitor on air quality,  nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide deposition in mab ta phut industrial estate, Rayong province. 897-910
Rakrawee, R., Kittibanpacha, K., Chareonsap, P. and Poeaim, A. - Efficiency of antioxidant and absorbent on browning and the optimal factors of plant regeneration from young seed of Gluta usitata (217 Mae Ka) by tissue culture. 911-922
Song, J. J., Kanokmedhakul, S., Kanokmedhalkul, K.  and Soytong, K. - Application of nano-particles derived from Chaetomium elatum ChE01 to control Pyricularia oryzae causing rice blast. 923-932
Thaochalee, M., Amornsin, A. and Itsaranuwat, P. - Synbiotic ice cream containing germinated KDML105 rice flour and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5: Physicochemical, probiotic viability and sensory evaluation. 933-948
Wanangkarn, A., Tan, F. J. and Udaiy, T. - Evaluation of selected Thai herb and spice extracts as natural preservative on the shelf life of chicken nuggets. 949-964
Wattanakitpisan, A., Teartisup, S. and Soytong, K. - The study of natural agents for fungal inhibition on the surface of medium density fibreboard during construction. 965-974
Yitbarek, T. - Soil genesis as influenced by topography of pinkyo area, western Ethiopia. 975-988
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