Volume14, Number5, September 2018
Table of contents

Bumroongsook, S. and Nahuanong, P. - Effect of protein content in feed formulas on growth and nutritional values of mealworms. 621-630
Cotchakaew, K. and Soonwera, M. - Efficacies of essential oils from Illiciaceae and Zingiberaceae plants as oviposition deterrent, ovicidal, and adulticidal agents against females of Aedes albopictus (Skuse) and Anopheles minimus (Theobald). 631-652
Dumale, J. V., Gamoso, G. R., Manangkil, J. M. and Divina, C. C. - Detection and quantification of auxin and gibberellic acid in Caulerpa racemosa. 653-660
Farhat, M. G., Haggag, W. M., Thabet, M. S. and Mosa, A. A. - Efficacy of silicon and titanium nanoparticles biosynthesis by some antagonistic fungi and bacteria for controlling powdery mildew disease of wheat plants. 661-674
Haggag, W. M., Hoballah, M. M. E.  and Ali, R. R. - Applications of nano biotechnological microalgae product for improve wheat productivity in Semai Aird areas. 675-692
Kiriyakit, A. and Suwannagate, K. - Efficacy of four different feeds for producing hatchery raised red claw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus). 693-704
Martin, A. F., Hapsari, B. W., Rudiyanto and Ermayanti, T. M. - Growth and proline accumulation in response to osmotic stress induced by polyethylene glycol treatment in Tacca leontopetaloides cultured In Vitro. 705-716
Mondal, A., Pal, T. and De, K. K. - Fluorescent Inter Simple Sequence Repeat (F-ISSR) markers and capillary electrophoresis to assess genetic diversity and relatedness within commercial sugarcane varieties. 717-730
Natungnuy, K. and Poeaim, S. - Antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of methanolic extracts from Mimusops elengi flowers. 731-740
Promsomboon, P. and  Promsomboon, S. - Evaluation of yield traits between 15 purple-pericarp rice lines (Oryza sativa L.). 741-750
Sittichok, S., Chantawee, A. and Soonwera, M. - Efficacy of Thai herbal shampoos from Averrhoa carambola L., Hibiscus sabdariffa L. and Passiflora edulis Sims. for controlling head lice, Pediculus humanus capitis (De Geer). 751-766
Taitaemthong, B., Intaruccomporn, W., Chalermphol, J. and Na Lampang, D. - Sustainable assessment of highland community by developing sustainable indicators under the Mae Song highland development project using Royal Project system. 767-782
Wanangkarn, A., Tan, F. J., Fongsawad, K. and Tirasaros, M. - Bioactivity screening of Thai spice extracts for applying as natural food preservatives. 783-796
Wulandari, N. F. and Ahmad, R. Z. - Thielaviopsis spp. from Salak [Salacca zalacca (Gaerntn.)Voss] in Indonesia. 797-804
Zikriyani, H., Saskiawan, I.  and Mangunwardoyo, W. - Utilization of agricultural waste for cultivation of paddy straw mushrooms (Volvariella volvacea (Bull.) Singer 1951). 805-814
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