Volume14, Number4, July 2018
Table of contents

Abd El-Wahab, T. E., Zidan, E. W. and Ghania, A. M. M. - Impact of certain Egyptian wax foundation types and their chemical composition on biological activities of honey bees. 455-464
Ali, A., Pato, U. and Maylani, D. - Study on the quality of instant noodles made from Riau local corn flour and sago starch. 465-474
Aounallah, M. K., Hammami, S. B. M., Sahli, A. and Bettaïeb, T. - Effect of bioregulators and removal method on bloom return and fruiting in cactus pear. 475-482
Bumroongsook, S., Name, J. and Kilaso, M. - Consumption efficiency of wolf and lynx spiders, Pardosa  pseudoannulata and Oxyopes javanus, on insect pests of asiatic pennywort. 483-492
Dethoudom, S., Nualchawee, K., Kanchanasuthum, S. and Soytong, P. - Assessment of the sustainability of urban water and water demand management by using geo-information technology for the Core Vientiane Municipality, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. 493-504
El-Mohamedy, R. S. R. and Mohamed, S. K. - Effect of Moringa oleifera seed oil, root and leave extracts on growth of major pathogenic fungi of tomato, green bean and potato in vitro. 505-520
Jirasatid, S. and Nopharatana, M. - Product development of sweet fermented rice (Khoa-Mak) supplemented with red yeast rice. 521-534
Kilaso, M. and Tigvattananont, S. - Bionomics of the Australian hawk moth, Theretra laterillii lucasii (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae). 535-542
Mongkontanawat, N., Wongekalak, L., Nonmuang, W. and Thumrongchote, D. - Yoghurt production from germinated native black rice (Maepayatong Dum Rice). 543-558
Muangkaewngam, A. and Te-chato, S.  - Morphological and physiological responses of torch ginger[Etlingera elatior (Jack) R.M. Smith] to paclobutrazol application. 559-570
Okigbo, R. N. and Okigbo, J. E. - Ethnostudy of mushrooms and establishment of pure culture of Cantharellus species (ero umunwene) a newly discovered mushroom found in Ukwa-East, Abia State, Nigeria. 571-596
Sittichok, S. and Soonwera, M. - Efficacy of new herbal shampoos from Garcinia dulcis Kurz, Citrus aurantium L. and Eucalyptus globulus Labill as pediculicides for head lice (Pediculus humans capitis) control. 597-612
Upadhyay, R. S., Mishra, A. K. and Singh, R. - Mentha and citrus oil against post harvest deterioration of wheat during storage. 613-620
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