Volume14, Number3, May 2018
Table of contents

Duangkaew, P., Phouyfung, P., Jirakanjanakit, N. and Rongnoparut P. - Combined larvicidal efficacy of Rhinacanthin-C, Luteolin and binary mixtures of Rhinacanthus nasutus, Andrographis paniculata and Vernonia cinerea extracts against Aedes aegyptimosquito. 271-286
Fakfoung, S. - Development of extruded ready-to-eat snacks from purple rice. 287-298
Hastuty, A., Choliq, A. and Hidayat, I. - Production of Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) by Serratia marcescens subsp. marcescens and Rhodococcus aff. qingshengii. 299-312
Kawpet, R., De Bels, M. and Saengyot, S. - Biodiversity and investigating pathogenic levels of endogenous strains of Pandora neaoaphidis collected from cruciferous crops in northern Thailand. 313-324
Loahaprapanon, S., Yincharoen, K., Nukong, J. and Chanwun, T. - An investigation on the antibacterial and antibiofilm efficacy of a traditional Thai  herbal recipe (THR 01) against clinical isolates of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Staphylococcus epidermidis. 325-332
Na Nakorn, W., Chanchaw, W., Penprapai, P. and Chanchaw, S. - Diversity and evenness of mangrove trees in Thasala, Sichon and Pakpaneang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat  Province, Thailand. 333-340
Pongkan, S., Tilarux, P., Charoensuk, K., Ochaikul, D. and Suwanposri, A. - Production and quality improvement of the tropical fruit tamarind (Tamarindus indica Linn.) Wine. 341-350
Priadi, D. and Saskiawan, I. - The Utilization of Spent Oyster Mushroom Substrates Into Compost and Its Effect on the Growth of Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea (L.) Czern.) in the Screenhouse. 351-362
Shreelalitha, S. J. and Sridhar, K. R. - Physical and cooking properties of seeds of two wild legume landraces of Sesbania. 363-376
Songachan, L. S. and Kayang, H. - Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculation on growth and yield of Flemingia vestita Benth. ex Baker. 377-388
Suksiri, S., Laipasu, P., Soytong, K. and Poeaim, S. - Isolation and identification of Phytophthora sp. and Pythium sp. from durian orchard in Chumphon province, Thailand. 389-402
Sumana, B., Hirunkerd, W., Tubklang, R. and Luekaewma, N. - High fiber enrichment of khao-tang as a thai style rice cracker using red seaweed (Gracilaria gracilis). 403-412
Thongjua, T. and Thongjua, J. - Effect of plant extracts, bio-insecticides, petroleum oil and insecticides for controlling rose beetle (Adoretus compressus, Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) in immature. 413-422
Wanyo, P., Huaisan, K. and Chamsai, T. - Phenolic compounds and antioxidant properties of Thai rice paddy herb as affected by different drying temperature. 413-422
Wiyabot, T. - Pangola (Digitaria eriantha) Hay as a roughage source in Total Mixed Ration (TMR) on growth performance and meat quality of thai native male goats in a tropical area. 441-454
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