Volume13, Number6, November 2017
Table of contents

Radchanui, C. and Keawvongsri, P. - Pattern and potential production of durian in Saikhao Community, Kokpho district, Pattani province. 791-812
Pantuhan, G. P., Elepaño, A. R., Yaptenco, K. F., and Carpio, E. V. - Drying behavior of osmotically air-dried semi-refined carrageenan. 813-822
Rumjuankiat, K., Ngamyeesoon, N., Swetwiwathana, A. and Pilasombut, K. - Study for probiotic properties of Lactobacillus salivarius KL-D4 isolated from duck intestine. 823-837
Prayoonthien, P., Nitisinprasert, S., and Keawsompong, S. - The Effect of copra meal-hydrolysateon the broiler chicken Microbiota. 839-860
Namee, J. - Morphological and biological studies on the dark-bordered hawk moth, Psilogramma increta (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae). 861-868
Apirattananusorn, S. - Some chemical and functional properties of dry pulp from Riang (Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr.). 869-881
Kupradit, C., Khongla, C., Musika, S., Ranok, A., Tamaruay, K., Woraratphoka, J. and Mangkalanan, S. - Cultivation of Lentinussquarrosulus and Pleurotusostreatus on cassava bagasse based substrates. 883-892
Pheaktra, P., Waingsamut, B. and Soytong, K. - Evaluation of agricultural inputs for cultivation organic asparagus in the field. 893-906
Suralta, R. R., Lucob, N. B., Aguelo, A. B., Niones, J. M., Cabral, M. C. J. and B. Rebong II, D. B. - Functional roles of the plasticity in deep root system development in soil water uptake and dry matter production of doubled haploid lines of rice under upland drought condition. 907-925
Duangpan, S., Sujitto, S. and Eksomtramage, T. - Genotypic variation in proline accumulation during sequential drought and rewatering in response to drought preconditioning. 927-940
Song, J. J. and Soytong, K. - Chaetomium spp. as biological fertilizer for plant growth. 941-951
Anuagasi, C. L., Okigbo, R. N., Anukwuorji, C. A.  and Okereke, C. N. - The Impact of biofungicides on agricultural yields and food security in Africa. 953-978
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