Volume 13, Number2, March 2017
Table of contents

Chaisit, P., Wethi, W. and Seephueak, P. - Screening for plant extract, antagonistic microorganism and fungicides to control Ganoderma boninense caused stem rot of oil palm in vitro. 141-147
Haituk, S., Cheewangkoon, R. and To-anun, C. - New record of Phakopsora arthuriana on Jatropha curcas L. in Thailand. 149-152
Kham-un, P, Cheewangkoon, R. and To-anun, C. - Controlling lettuce leaf spot disease using antagonistic yeasts. 153-162
Khamphirapaeng, P., Cheewangkoon, R., McGovern, R. J., Wong, S. M. and To-Anun, C. - Detection of tobacco mosaic virus in petunia and tobacco cells using inclusion body staining. 163-168
Mekwilai, T. and Nalumpang, S. - Evaluation of carbendazim resistance levels of Botrytis cinerea causing gray mold of grape in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand. 169-182
Okigbo, R. N. and Nnadiri, P. C. - Effect of three tropical african plants on some fungal rot of stored cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta L.). 183-203
Pingchai, P., Cheewangkoon, R. and To-anun, C. - Controlling anthracnose of Passion fruit by antagonistic yeast. 205-212
Tammasorn, N., Wanasiri, N., Kuntasup, W., Cheewangkoon, R., McGovern, R. J. and To-Anun, C. - Controlling powdery mildew disease of Craterostigma pumilum Hochst. ornamental plant. 213-226
Latte, M. V., Shidnal, S. and Anami, B. S. - Rule based approach to determine nutrient deficiency in paddy leaf images. 227-245
Mendoza, T. C. - No burning sugarcane trashes makes sugarcane production - net carbon sequestering. 247-267
Mojica, J. C., Abella, E. A. and Sace, C. F. - Nutrient dynamics evaluation in utilization of household greenhouse module for hydroponic production of mint (Mentha arvensis L.). 269-279
Tabtiang, S. and Prachayawarakon, S. - Effect of banana ripeness and puffing temperature on puffed banana qualities and drying time. 281-292
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