Volume 12, Number 5, September 2016
Table of contents

Cervantes, C. N. - Diagnosing and providing the support systems needs of small scale organic rice farmers in bicol region, Philippines. 811-826
Kim, H., Singseewo, A., Sachiyo, M., and Poungsuk, P.- Participation in household garbage sorting of Baan Lao Yai community, Kudchum district, Yasothon province. 827-840
Sangnate, V., Intorrathed, S., Khemtong, P. and Poungsuk, P. - The current condition of teaching and learning on agriculture teachers training of Thailand. 841-850
Jahanbakhshi, A., Tajari, B., Razdareh, S. H., Kheiralipour, K. - Determination and comparison of drill seeder draft in different engine rotation speed, gear ratio and working depth. 851-858
Wiangsamut, B., Mendoza, T. C. and Lafarge, T. A. - Growth dynamics and yield of rice genotypes grown in transplanted and direct-seeded fields. 859-878
Tolera, G., Hailu, T., Dawd, M., Negeri M. and Selvaraj, T. - Evaluation of entomopathogenic nematodes against diamond back moth, Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) on cabbage under laboratory and glasshouse conditions. 879-891
Pumnuan, J. and Insung, A. - Fumigant toxicity of lemon grass, citronella grass and black pepper essential oils against mushroom mite (Dolichocybe indica Mahunka). 893-898
Adolf, K. M. - Root Rot of Geranium transplants and Its biological control. 899-914
Anna, K. M. - Evaluation of selected seed treatment methods for the control of Fusarium graminearum and F. avenaceum on wheat seeds. 915-926
Al-Karboli, M. H. H. and Kuthair, W. M. - Isolation and pathogenicity of the Fungus, Fusarium solani a causal of dry root rot on sour orange in Baghdad province. 927-938
Huyen, T. T. T., Mui, N. V. and Bang, C. P. - Amino acid composition and nutritional value of seed proteins in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) cultivars grown in vietnam. 939-946
Mendoza, T. C. - Farm mechanization is the solution. what are the problems ? 947-954
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