Volume 12, Number 4, July 2016
Table of contents

Heejung, K., Poungsuk, P. and Saduak, W.  - Opinions about environmental study acitivities of students at the learning center on living agriculture (LCLA), Praibueng Wittayakom school, Srisaket province. 551-564
Na Nakorn, W., Hatthong, J. and Hatsaponpan, S. - Diversity, prevalence and benefits use of trees in the primary and high schools in Thong Song district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand. 565-577
Intraskul, S. and Somboonsuk, B. - ASEAN economic community: opportunity and feasibilities of thailand’s rubber industry investment. 579-589
Kasantikul, B. - Design and improvement the efficiency of wind turbines for agricultural ourposes and electricity generation in a low-wind area. 591-606
Idowu, D. O., Abegunrin, T. P., Adejumobi, M. A. and Onifade, T. B. - Reuse of wastewater for crop production: Effects on macronutrients content of celosia argentea vegetable. 607-617
Oyejobi, D. O., Abdulkadir, T. S. and Ahmed, A. T.  -  A study of partial replacement of cement with palm oil fuel ash in concrete production. 619-631
Nitipongsuwan, S., Mekchay, S. and Supakankul, S. - Identification of molecular markers for drip loss trait in Thai commercial pork. 633-642
Piyaboon, O., Unartngam, A. and Unartngam, J. - Genetic relationships of Myrothecium roridum isolated from water hyacinth in Thailand using ISSR markers and ITS sequence analysis. 643-655
Soonwera, M. - Toxicity of five herbal extracts against head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer.: Phthiraptera) in vitro. 657-666
Yasser, E. E. and Asmaa, E. A. - Rearing honey bee queens in, Apis mellifera L. colonies during the activity season of oriental wasps Vespa orientalis L. 667-674
Ritika, B. Y., Satnam, M. and Baljeet, S. Y. - Physicochemical, pasting, cooking and textural quality characteristics of some basmati and non-basmati rice varieties grown in India. 675-692
Kumvinit, A. and Akarapisan, A. - Identification of Colletotrichum acutatum and screening of antagonistic bacteria isolated from strawberry in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 693-706
Saha, A., Das, S., Chakraborty, P., Saha, B., Saha, D. and Saha, A. - Two new bottle gourd fruit rot causing pathogens from Sub-Himalayan West Bengal. 707-719
Ahanger, F. A., Hassan, G. D., Beig, M. A., Sofi, T. A. and Ganie, S. A. - Effect of weather parameters on blue pine (Pinus wallichi ana J.) needle blight and ascospore release of Lophodermium pinastri in India. 721-729
Anna, K. M. - Evaluation of selected seed treatment methods for the control of fusarium graminearum and f. Avenaceum on wheat seeds. 731-741
Majaw, S. P., Khonglah, D., Kayang, H. and Rao, M. S. - Isolation and identification of indigeneous microbial bioagents strains from Meghalaya and In vitro evaluation of the antagonistic properties against common fungal phytopathogens. 743-752
Mendoza, T. C. - Increasing sri-organic rice yields through double rows planting pattern and using   location and season adapted rice cultivar. 753-775
Pavithra, M., Sridhar, K. R.  and Keshavachandra, K. - Traditional nutritional attributes of native flora of the southwest coast of India. 777-796
Wiangsamut, B. and Koolpluksee, M. - Effect of various planting media on growth of Thao Yai Mom (Tacca Leontopetaloides ktze.). 797-810
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