Volume 8, Number 6, November 2012
Table of contents

Mohsen Azadbakht, Hosein Darvishi and Abbas Rezaeiasl - Thin layer drying characteristics and modeling of melon slices (Cucumismelo). 1867-1880
Mostafa Bahrami, Ali Nejat Lorestani, Farzad Jaliliantabar and Rashid Gholami - Physical and mechanical properties and mass modeling of Oak marble galls (Andricus kollari) based on geometric attributes. 1881-1893
Sirous Noroozy - Effect of different levels of sugar – beet tailings silage (STS) replaced with maize silage on buffalo male calves performance. 1895-1900
Vázquez Silva Gabriela, Talía Castro Barrera, Jorge Castro Mejía and Germán David Mendoza Martínez - Effect commercial diets on growth, survival and chemical composition of the edible freshwater snail Pomacea patula catemacensis. 1901-1912
Ghods-Alavi, B.S., Ahmad‌zadeh, M., Behboudi, K. and Jamali, S. - Biocontrol of rhizome soft rot (Pectobacterium carotovorum) on valerian by Pseudomonas spp. under in vitro and greenhouse conditions. 1913-1923
Rashmi Singh, S. Maurya and R.S. Upadhyay - Antifungal potential of Trichoderma species against Macrophominaphaseolina. 1925-1933
Angela C. Udebuani, C.I., Okoli, Harriet C. Nwigwe and P.T.E. Ozoh - The value of animal manure in the enhancement of bioremediation processes in petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated agricultural soils. 1935-1952
B.N. Devendra, V.S.S.L. Prasad Talluri and N. Srinivas - Callus induction and somatic embryogenesis of Moringa oleifera, an anti-radiation plant. 1953-1963
Mamta Baunthiyal and Vinay Sharma - Phytoremediation of fluoride contaminated water and soil: A search for fluoride hyperaccumulators. 1965-1978
Pranay Jain, Vibhor Aggarwal, Archit Sharma and Ram Kumar Pundir - Isolation production and partial purification of protease from an endophytic Acremonium sp. 1979-1989
Amornrat Aung-aud-chariya, Phuwadol Bangrak, Bernard Dell, Saisamorn Lumyong and Niyom Kamlangdee - Preliminary molecular identification of Boletus griseipurpureus Corner from Thailand and its nutritional value. 1991-1998
N.S. El-Mougy, F. Abd-El-Karem, M.M. Abd-El- Kader, N.G. El-Gamal, R.S. El-Mohamedy and Y.O. Fotouh - Efficacy of furfural and basamid soil treatment for controlling black scurf disease of potato plants under field conditions. 1999-2010
Gharabadiyan, F., Jamali, S., AhmadiyanYazdi, A. and Eskandari, A. - Source of resistance to root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) in tomato cultivars. 2011-2021
Amuji, C.F., B.C. Echezona and Dialoke, S.A. - Extraction fractions of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) and residue in the control of field and storage pests. 2023-2031
Apirak Doungmusik and Sayan Sdoodee - Enhancing the latex productivity of Hevea brasiliensis clone RRIM 600 using ethylene stimulation. 2033-2042
Baloch,  Q.B., Dero, B. and Memon, N. - Influence of sowing patterns on the growth and productivity of brinjal, Solanummelongena. 2043-2051
M. Kazemi, E. Hadavi, and J. Hekmati - Effect of salicylic acid, malic acid, citric acid and sucrose on antioxidant activity, membrane stability and  ACC-Oxidase activity in relation to vase life of carnation cut flowers. 2053-2063
Memon, N., Vistro, A.A., Pahoja, V.M., Baloch, Q.B. and Sharif, N. - Membrane stability and postharvest keeping quality of cut Gladiolus flower spikes. 2065-2076
Suphat Rittirat, Kanchit Thammasiri and Sompong Te-chato - Effect of media and sucrose concentrations with or without activated charcoal on the plantlet growth of P. cornu-cervi (Breda) Blume&Rchb. f. 2077-2087
T. Kamshananthi and Thayamini H. Seran - Induction of somatic embryogenesis from cotyledon explants of cashew (Anancardium occidentale L.). 2089-2099
T. Sivakumar, T. Shankar, P. Vijayabaskar and V. Ramasubramanian - Plant growth promoting activity of nickel tolerant Bacillus cereus TS1. 2101-2113
Tassanee Khawniam and Sompong Te-chato - Cryopreservation of embryogenic callus of hybrid tenera oil palm by dehydration technique and evaluation of somaclonal variation by SSR marker. 2115-2125
Wutthichai Srichuay and Sompong Te-chato - The effect of explants plant growth regulators and silver nitrate on in vitro callus induction in Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg. 2127-2135
Elham Zadbagher, Younes Kazemi and Noredin Rostami - Problems and obstacles of returning life to Qanats. 2137-2146
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