Volume 12, Number 3, May 2016
Table of contents

Saowanee Mekanupak and Suraphol Sreshthaputra - Farmers’ Adaptation to Water Management Under the Effect of Climate Change in Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province. 187-194
Adewumi I.O., Orisaremi K., Ajisegiri G.O., Oladipo O.O., Kosemani B.S., and Adegbulugbe T.A. - Artificial neural networks model: reliable forecasting tool in cocoa postharvest losses reduction. 195-214
Joram J. Gautane, Errol Jay Y. Balagan, FelyV. Manaois II, Marlon B. Ocampoand Lerma C. Ocampo - Characteristics of epididymal sperm recovered from slaughterhouse derived testes of nondescript/native goats in the Philippines. 215-228
Arraktham S., Tancho A., Niuamsup P. and Rattanawaree P. - The potential of bacteria isolated from earthworm intestines, vermicompost  and liquid vermicompost to produce indole-3-acetic acid (IAA). 229-239
Poraha R., Poeaim, A., Pongjaroenkit S. and Pongthongkam P. - Callus induction and plant regeneration on optimization of the culture conditions in Jow Haw rice (Oryza sativa L.). 241-248
Piyaboon O., Unartngam A. and Unartngam J. - Genetic relationships of Myrotheciumroridum isolated from water hyacinth in Thailand using ISSR markers and ITS sequence analysis. 249-261
Shakeela, B. Solangi, Q.I. Chachar,S.D Chachar, Afshan B. Solangi and Jameel A. Solangi - Effect of salinity (NaCl) stress on physiological characteristics of rice (Oryza sativa L.) at early seedling stage. 263-279
Teodoro C. Mendoza & Bernadette C. Mendoza .- A Review of   Sustainability Challenges of Biomass for Energy : Focus in the Philippines. 281-310
M. Simarmata, L. Susanti and N. Setyowati - Utilization of manure and green organic composts as alternative fertilizers for cauliflower production. 311-319
Ziedan E.H. and Farrag E.S.H. - Chemical fumigants as alternatives methyl bromide for soil disinfestation of plant integrated pest management. 321-328
Quyet, N.T., Cuong, H.V., Hong, L.T.H. and Soytong, K.- Control mechanism of Chaetomiumspp and its biological control of Citrus root rot in pot and field experiments in Vietnam. 329-336
Saha, A., Das, S., Chakraborty, P., Saha, B., Saha, D.and Saha, A.- Two New Bottle Gourd Fruit Rot Causing Pathogens from Sub-Himalayan West Bengal. 337-348
Song J.J., Pongnak W. and Soytong K.- Isolation and identification of endophytic fungi from 10 species palm trees. 349-363
Taha, E. M., Rabie, W., Mousa, A.S.M., Yasser, M.M. and Fahmy, Z.M.- Phylogenetic diversity among Egyptian isolates of Fusarium species from sugar beet. 365-385
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