Volume 11, Number 7, November 2015
Table of contents

Sothy, C. and Behera, M. - A Study on training and development in the ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (MAFF), Cambodia (with special reference to agricultural productivity improvement project (APIP)). 1425-1441
Borisutdhi, Y. and Kaewkhata, C. - Factors contributing farmers’ persistence in farming career: Grounded theory study. 1443-1460
Ali, M. A., Rasheed, S. B., Hassan, Z., Ibrar, M., Majeed, A., Ulhaq, Z., Jan, H., Jan, Y., Hasanat, A., Qureshi, M. S. and Khan, H. - Efficacy of synthetic hormones Ovatide and Ovaprim in induced breeding of major Indian and Chinese carps. 1461-1469
Rashid, M. H., Khan, ASM. M. R., Yasmin, R., Ishtiaque, S. and Chaki, A. K. - Genetic diversity in snake gourd genotypes revealed by RAPD markers. 1471-1490
Agatep, R. C. - Microsatellite loci heterozygosity and fitness correlations among three genetic groups of domesticated mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus L.) in the Philippines. 1491-1500
Tantikamton, K., Thanee, N., Jitpukdee, S. and Potter, M. - The ecological characteristics of benthic macrofauna and the application of marine biotic index (ambi) to assess tourism beaches health in Krabi Province, Thailand. 1501-1517
Soonwera, M. - Pediculicidal activities of herbal shampoos from Zingiber officinale Roscoe and Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze against head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer:Phthiraptera). 1519-1528
Soonwera, M - Herbal pediculicides base on Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd (Zingiberaceae) and Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merrill & Perry (Myrtaceae) against head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer; Pediculidae). 1529-1539
Khonglah, D., Majaw, S. P., Kayang, H. and Rao, M. S. - Efficacy of bioformulations of indigeneous bacterial bioagents strains against bacterial wilt of Curcoma longa L. 1543-1553
Haggag, L.F., Merwad, M.A., Awad, N.M., Shahin, M.F.M., Khalil, F.H. and Mahdy, H.A. - Studies on the effect of bacterial mixture and NPK mineral fertilizer on vegetative and chemical properties of "Toffahi" olive seedlings under greenhouse condition. 1555-1570
Abdullah, S. K. and Azzo, N. M. - Two new records of chaetomium species isolated from soil under grapevine plantations and a checklist of the genus in Iraq. 1571-1579
Haggag, L. F., Shahin, M. F. M., Mahdy H. A., Atteya, A. K. G. and Hassan H. S. A. - Beneficial effect of NPK, pigeon manure tea and microbial fertilizers as soil application on growth of "Toffahi" and "Picual" olive seedlings. 1581-1598
Haggag, L. F., Abd El-Migeed, M. M. M., Fawzi, M. I. F., Shahin, M. F. M. and Merwad M. A. - Influence of spraying Zinc Sulphat and Gibbralic Acid on yield and fruit properties of “Manzanillo” Olives. 1599-1611
Rady, M. M., Mohamed, G. F., Abdalla, A. M. and Ahmed, Y. H. M. - Integrated application of salicylic acid and Moringa oleifera leaf extract alleviates the salt-induced adverse effects in common bean plants. 1613-1633
Rana, M., Sayeed, A., Nasrin, S., Islam, M., Rahman, M. and Firoz Alam, M. F. - Free radical scavenging potential and phytochemical analysis of leaf extract from Ocimum sanctum Linn. 1635-1643
Shahriari, A. and Davari, A. - The Effect of drought and salinity stresses on seed germination of Alyssum hamalocarpum in Iran’s arid lands. 1645-1659
Buriro, M., Sanjrani, A. S., Chachar, Q. I., Chachar, N. A., Chachar, S. D., Buriro, B., Gandahi, A. W. and Mangan, T. - Effect of water stress on growth and yield of Sunflower. 1661-1677
Zaman, S., Shah, A. Z. A., Shehzad, M., Kayani, F., Erum, S. and Ahmad, N. - Characterization of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) adquirido de Centro Internacional de la Papa. 1679-1685
Ariel G., M.  and Canare Jr., J. G. - Lodging resistance and agro-morphological characteristics of Elon-elon and Palawan red sprayed with paclobutrazol. 1687-1705
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