Volume 11, Number 3, March 2015
Table of contents

Mehdizadeh, S. A. - Optimization of passive tractor cabin suspension system using ES, PSO and BA. 595-607
Monfared, N. - The adoption of variable-rate application of fertilizers technologies: The case of Iran. 609-620
Malgie, W., Ori, L. and Ori, H. - A study of pesticide usage and pesticide safety awareness among farmers in Commewijne in Suriname. 621-636
Ambarish, C. N. and Sridhar, K. R. - Microbial dynamics in food, intestine and fecal pellets of two endemic pill-millipedes (Arthrosphaera: Sphaerotheriida) of the Western Ghats. 637-648
Mashhoor, K., Lazar, K. V., Shanas, S.  and Ramesh, N. - Mitochondrial DNA analysis revealed Gondwanan origin of the common evening brown butterfly, Melanitis leda (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). 649-656
Soonwera, M. - Larvicidal and oviposition deterrent activities of essential oils against house fly (Musca domestica L.; Diptera: Muscidae). 657-667
Soonwera, M. - Efficacy of essential oils from Citrus plants against mosquito vectors Aedes aegypti (Linn.) and Culex quinquefasciatus (Say). 669-681
Venkatesh, H. N., Thippeswamy, S., Abhishek, R. U. and Mohana, D. C. - Antibacterial activity of alkaloid extracts and active constituents of some selected plants against Xanthomonas campestris. 683-691
Embaby, E. S. M., Awni, N. M., Abdel-Galil, M. M. and El-Gendy, H. I. - Mycoflora and mycotoxin contaminated some juices. 693-712
Embaby, E. S. M. and Korkar, H. M. - Decay of GuavaFruit (Psidium guajava Linn.) Quality Caused by Some Mold Fungi. 713-730
Sittivate, W. and Nalumpang, S. - Evaluation of actinomycetes culture media for control of bakanae disease of rice seeds. 731-746
Abd-ur-Rehman, K., Syed, R. A. G., Muhammad, S., Sayed, R. A. and Muhammad, A. - Management of potato common scab through fertilizers. 747-751
Mendoza, T. C. - Achieving Farm Multifunctionality through a Small-Scale  Biodiverse, Integrated and Organic (BIO) Method of  Farming. 753-789
Tsopmbeng, N. G. and Fomengia, D. N. - Fungi associated with seeds of huckleberry (Solanum scabrum Mill.) grown in the western highlands of Cameroon. 791-801
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