Volume 11, Number 2, February 2015
Table of contents

Benabise, M. T. - Tropical fruit wine processing: An approach to nurturing the entrepreneurial culture among students. 211-226
Makhonpas, C., Phongsamran, S. and Silasai, A. - Survey of mangosteen clones with distinctive morphology in eastern of Thailand. 227-242
Promhom, S. - Structure and distribution of demersal fish in Moo-KhoBulon, Satun province, Thailand. 243-251
Samphan, P., Sukree, H. and Reunchai, T. - Species composition and abundance of penaeid shrips in the outer Songkhla Lake of Thailand. 253-274
Chkhubianishvili, T., Kakhadze, M., Malania, I., Chubinishvili, M., Skhirtladze, R., Rizhamadze, I. - Basis for developing biotechnology for plant protection means in Georgia. 275-286
Danthanawanit, C., Poeaim, S. and Poeaim, A. - Evidence of molecular marker for genetic relationship of Asystasia gangetia (Linn) T. Anderson. 287-296
Poraha, R., Poeaim, A., Pongjaroenkit, S. and Pongthongkam, P. - Callus induction and growing cell suspension culture of jow haw rice (Oryza sativa L.). 297-305
Siripong, W., Poeaim, S, Eiamampai, K. and Atittayawan, D. - Gender identification of Himantopus himantopus using PCR-based method. 307-314
Soytong, M. and Poeaim, S.Isolation and identification of Trichocomaceae from soil by morphology and three regions DNA sequencing. 315-326
Cotchakaew, N., Nuntagij, I. and Laohavisuti, N. - Study on the use of rectangular and triangular models in hydroponics for the culture of Anubias barteri var “Broad Leaf”. 327-334
Na Nakorn, S. and Intraratsamee, A. - Effects of gibberellic acid on fruit growth and fruit development of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana Linn.). 335-340
Porciuncula, F. L., Galang, L. M. and Parayno, R. S. - Going organic: Understanding the organic vegetables production environment in Central Luzon, Philippines. 341-366
Preecha, C. and Thongliumnak, S. - Bag opening technique for bag spawn culture of spit gill mushroom (Schizophyllum commune). 367-372
Wiangsamut, B., Umnat, P., Koolpluksee, M. and Kassakul, W. - Effects of number of seedlings on growth, yield, cost and benefit of 2 rice genotypes in translated fields. 373-389
Thonghua, T. and Thonghua, J. - Efficacy of insecticidal control in pomelo fruit fly IPM program in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand. 391-397
Garingan, E. G. - Practices in extension services: Basic for the formulation of manual of operation. 399-421
Gervacio, M. - Factors affecting the cognitive competency of the pre-school children in selected day care centers in Diffun, Quirino, Philippines. 423-434
Guzman, L. S. - Assessment of veterinary needs in municipalities of the third district of Cagayan: A benchmark survey for extension. 435-448
Panyakom, R., Poungsuk, P.  and Pourpan, N. - Satisfaction of high vocational certificate student on training in farm practices of Ubonratchathani College of Agriculture and Technology, Ubonratchathani Province, Thailand. 449-458
Poungsuk, P.,  Piyanard, J. and Nitikorn, J. - The problems and obstructions on teaching and learning of agricultural subject of agricultural teachers in Secondary School in Northeast Region of Thailand. 459-471
Saduak, W., Sangnate, W. and Poungs, P. - The need of students and student’s parents on development of learning and teaching agricultural subjects of Phraibueng Wittayakhom School, Sisaket Province. 473-483
Sarmiento, J. M. - Psychological strengths and emotional difficulties of students with separated parents: A basis for counseling intervention program. 485-499
Mongkontanawat, N. and Lertnimitmongkol, W. - Product development of sweet fermented rice (Khao-Mak) from Germinated Native Black Glutinous Rice. 501-515
Danesh, Y. R. - The Piriformospora Indica, magic fungus and its role on sustainable agriculture. 517-523
Lopez, L. L. M. A., Reyes, R. G. and Alvindia, D. G. - Evaluation of two species of Trichoderma as compost activator and bio-control agents. 525-537
Luo, Y., Pongnak, W. and Soytong, K. - Two edible mushrooms’ interaction against Fusarium wilt which caused by F. oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici. 539-550
Manapradit, N., Poeaim, S. and Charoenying, P. - Cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activities of leaf extracts from Barleria strigosa. 551-561
Ruiz, J. C. V., Gajeton, M. B., Gabriel, R. J. C., Lictawa, M. J. C., Lucas, E. R. and Cruz, K. J. - Analgesis and antipyretic potential of an ethnobotanical plant, Alstonia scholaris L. in mice. 563-565
JiaoJiao, S., Pongnak, W. and Soytong, K. - Biological activity of endophytic fungi associated with palm trees. 567-579
Dela, C., Josephine, D., Margaret, C. A., Ernesto, D. G. and Fevie, R. A. - Fertility assessment and mapping of rice areas under the Magat River Integrated Irrigation System in Isabela, Philippines. 581-594
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