Volume 10, Number 5, September 2014
Table of contents

Abas, M. S. - Self-Reliant rice farming strategies in the face of climate change for small farmers in Bataan, Philippines. 1051-1064
Ayadi, A., Mechlouch, R. F., Bessaoud, C., Bennour, H. and Debouba, M. - Effect of microwave and solar drying methods on the physico-chemical properties of kiwifruit. 1065-1073
Rahimi, S. and Moghaddam, K. R. - Factors affecting the use of technology in agriculture by the wheat growers: the case of Iranian farmers. 1075-1085
Fi Mona M., Galil, A., Khairy, A. A., Moustafa, M. S. and Kareem, A. K. M. - The toxicity of fumonisin B1 in chicken embryos. 1087-1100
Sivaprasath, P. and Nalini, M. - In vitro signal transduction to trigger and suppress the phenoloxidase cascade of fourth instar larvae of Ariadne merione (Cramer). 1101-1113
Kasantikul, B. and Laksitanonta, S. - Study and develop the thai-made irrigation pump system (Tor Payanak) in a large aquaculture pond. 1115-1138
Achariyaviriya, S., Achariyaviriya, A. and Chunkaew, P. - Evaluation of technology transfer to rural communities for drying using LPG and solar energy cabinet dryer. 1139-1150
Sermkiattipong, N.  and Charoen, S. - Development of straw mushroom strain for high yield by gamma radiation. 1151-1164
Mohanta, Y. K., Laxmipriya, P. and Panda, S. K. - Antifungal activity of Eleutherine bulbosa bulb against mycelial fungus. 1165-1171
Duangkongsan, W. and Promtab, W. - In vitro mutiplication of Musa  laterita  Roxb. 1173-1181
Maamoun, M. K. M., El-Mahrouk, M. E., Dewir, Y. H. and Omran, S. A. - Effect of radiation and chemical mutagens on seeds germination of black cumin (Nigella sativa L). 1183-1199
Falah, M. A. F, Khuriyati, N., Safitri, R. M. and Revulaningtyas, I. R. - Quality evaluation of fresh and fresh-cut melon (Cucumis melo, L) fruit in a tropical environment. 1201-1211
Khalil, R. R., Bassiouny, F. M., El-Dougdoug, K. A., Abo-Elmaty, S. and Yousef, M. S. - A dramatic physiological and anatomical changes of tomato plants infecting with tomato yellow leaf curl germinivirus. 1213-1229
Sharif, N., Ishfaq, M., Memon, N. and Riaz, S. - Standardization of potting media for nursery raising seedlings of jujube (Zyzyphus mauritiana Lamk.). 1231-1239
Yabagi, A. A., Audu, M. and Gana, A. K. - Effect of fertilizer sources on soil chemical properties, growth and yield of castor (Ricinus communis) at Badeggi 1241-1248
Abd El-Wahab, T. E. and Nour, M. E. - The role of the Egyptian honey bee workers in selecting adult queen kinships, and the impact on the colony's biological activities. 1249-1259
Halima, Z. H., Rakib A. A. A. and Muneer S. A. B. - Efficiency of borage and French jasmine powders in detoxification of Ochratoxin A and Deoxynivalenol in poultry diet. 1261-1268
El-Ziedan, H. E. and Farrag, E. S. H. - First record of fungal stem canker disease on citrus in Egypt. 1269-1272
El-Sayed, M. E. and Hagag, L. F. - Citrus fruit decay and its control. 1273-1288
El-Sayed, M. E., Layla, F. H., Mohamed, O. A. M., Talaat, I. E. S. and Lobna, R. A. A. - Anthracnose disease (Colletotrichum sp.) affecting olive fruit quality and its control in Egypt. 1289-1306
The Quyet, N., Cuong, T. H. V., Hong, L. T. A. and Soytong, K. - Antagonism of Chaetomium spp and their ability to control citrus root rot caused by Phytophthora parasitica in Vietnam. 1307-1316
Chachar, N. A., Chachar, S. D., Chachar, Q. I., Keerio, M. I., Shereen, A., Van Thiep, N., The Quyet, N. and Soytong, K. - Chaetomium spp. as biocontrol potential to control tea and coffee pathogens in Vietnam. 1317-1327
Wathaneeyawech, S., Sirithunya, P. and Smitamana, P. - Efficacies of some fungicides and antagonists in controlling northern corn leaf blight disease. 1329-1341
Ali, S. A., Snyder, J., Shehzad, M. and Ur-Rehman Khalid, A. - Associations among fungi, bacteria, and phytoplasma in trees suffering citrus decline in Punjab. 1343-1352
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