Volume 10, Number 4, July 2014
Table of contents

Aremu, A. K., Kadiri, A. O. and Ogunlade, C. A. - Development and testing of screw type kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) pelletizing machine. 803-815
Nourani, A. and Pegna F. G. - Proposed harvester model for palm date fruit. 817-822
Dar, J. and Soytong, K. - Construction and characterization of copolymer nanomaterials loaded with bioactive compounds from Chaetomium species. 823-831
Hung, P. M., Pongnak W. and Soytong K. - Biological control of Pomelo diseases using Chaetomium spp. 833-844
Luo, Y., Pongnak, W. and Soytong, K. - Mushroom and macrofungi collection for screening bioactivity of some species to inhibit coffee antharcnose caused by Colletotrichum coffeanum. 845-861
Nguyen, H. P., Pongnak, W., Soytong, K. and Nguyen, T. L. - Antimicrobial substances from Chaetomium spp.against Pestalotia spp. causing grey blight disease of tea. 863-874
Cruz, J. A., Lantican, N. B., Delfin, E. F. and Paterno, E. S. - Enhancement of growth and yield of upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) var. NSIC Rc 192 by actinomycetes. 875-883
Khan, M. R., Rafi, M. A., Nazir, N., Khan, M. R., Khan, I. A., Hayat, A., Ghaffar, A, Rahim, J. and Perveen, F. - Biodiversity of butterflies from poonch division of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. 885-898
Abou-Taleb, K. A., Abdel-Monem, M. O., Yassin, M. H. and Draz, A. A. - Nutritional factors affecting levan production by Bacillus sp.V8 strain isolated from rhizosphere bean (Vicea faba) plant. 899-914
Ramani, V. - Organic phosphate mineralization by Bacillus sphaericus and Pseudomonas cepacia. 915-922
Soytong, K. and Asue, T. - Study on physiological and cultural requirements of Pleurotus giganteus. 923-930
Sumana, K., Punith, B. D. and Devaki, N. S. - First report on molecular and biochemical variations among the populations of Fusarium oxysporum infecting tobacco in Karnataka, India. 931-950
El Gamal, N. G. and El Shamy, A. R. - Allelopathic impact of some antioxidants on Fusarium solani causing root rot on faba bean (Vicia fabae). 951-961
El–Mohamedy, R. S. R. and Abdalla, A. M. - Evaluation of antifungal activity of Moringa oleifera extracts as natural fungicide against some plant pathogenic fungi In-vitro. 963-982
Suryadi, Y., Susilowati, D. N., Lestari, P., Priyatno, T. P., Samudra, I. M., Hikmawati, N. and dan Mubarik N. R. - Characterization of bacterial isolates producing chitinase and glucanase for biocontrol of plant fungal pathogens. 983-999
Bassuany, F. M., Hassanein, R. A., Baraka, D. M., and Khalil, R. R. - Role of stigmasterol treatment in alleviating the adverse effects of salt stress in flax plant. 1001-1020
Ori, L. V., Debi-Tewarie, S., and Narain, M. - The effect of varieties, fertilizers, and cultivation methods on the production of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) under greenhouse conditions in Suriname. 1021-1037
Khurnpoon, L., Sirivejabandhu, K. and Sangwanangkul, P. - Changes in pigments and fruit quality in papaya from different harvesting seasons. 1039-1049
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