Volume13, Number7.2, December 2017
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Ajchara Bunroj , Jiraporn Sawasdikarn and  Watcharawit Rassami - Research and Development Project of Monkey’s Head Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) Cultivation in East of Thailand. 1529-1535
Anuwat Lakyat, Jarongsak Pumnuan and Ammorn Insung - Effectiveness of Nano Plant Essential Oils against Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål). 1537-1546
Chalermchon Changthom, Sutisa Chaikul  and Pornpan Sukhumpinij - Effect of Pole Types and NPK Fertilizer Rates on the Early Growth of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum Linn.). 1547-1557
Chuenban S., S. Bumroongsook and S. Tigvattananont - Morphological Aspects of Trilocha varians Walker (Lepidoptera:Bombycidae). 1559-1565
De Leon, K.J.A., Manliclic, A.D.C., and Corpuz, M.N.C. - Spatial and sexual variation on morphometrics, length and weight, and condition factor dynamics of endemic silver therapon (Leiopotherapon plumbeus, Kner). 1567-1577
Fatima Grace P. Bernardino, Darlene Fe P. Castro, Lerma C. Ocampo and  Marlon B. Ocampo - Isolation and Characterization of Gonadal Primordial Germ Cells (gPGCs) of Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) from 11-14 Days Old Embryos. 1579-1589
Jaisuk L. and S. Bumroongsook. - Microbial Control on Common Cutworms (Lepidopetera: Noctuidae). 1591-1596
Jerome V. Galapon and Anna Theresa Isabel O. Rebong - Utilizing Plant-Microbial Interactions in Controlling Rice Major Diseases and Increasing Rice Yields. 1597-1620
Jiaojiao Song,  K. Soytong and S. Kanokmedhakul - Fungal Metabolites of Chaetomium lucknowense for Inhibition of a Rice Blast Pathogen, Pyricularia oryzae. 1621-1626
Neil G. Vicencio , Virgilio D. Viernes Jr.1, Lerma C. Ocampo2,3, Marlon B. Ocampo - Gross Anatomy of the Female Reproductive Organs of Philippine Native Pig (Sus scrofa L.). 1627-1638
Precha C . , Wisutthiphaet W . and Seephueak P . - The canker Damage on Yield of Pummelo (Citrus maxima (Burm .) Merr .) var . Tabtimsiam in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand. 1639-1644
Shesea Mae A. Marata, Darlene Fe P. Castro, Lerma C. Ocampo, Marlon B. Ocampo and Maureen B. Gajeton - Evaluation of Epididymal Sperm from Post-Mortem Derived Cauda Epididymides of Ram (Ovis aries). 1645-1657
Thanaporn Doungnapa, Jarongsak Pumnuan and Ammorn Insung - Effectiveness of Nano Turmeric Essential Oil against the African Red Mite [Eutetranychus africanus (Tucker)]. 1659-1667
Tongon R., Soytong, Kasem and Kanokmedhakul, S. - Bioactive Test of Metabolites from Chaetomium cochliodes against Phytophthora sp. 1669-1673
Younes Rezaee Danesh  and Shefik Tufenkci - In Vitro Culturing of Mycorrhiza and Mycorrhiza Like Fungi. 1675-1689
Junkeaw P. and S. Bumroongsook - Impact of temperature on distribution of diamondback moth (Lepidopetera:Plutellidae) on cabbage leaves. 1691-1694
Kevin Paul P. Bisquera, Joel R. Salazar, Ellen S. Romero, Lani Lou Mar A. Lopez, Juvy J. Monserate - Synthesis and Characterization as Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles as a Source of Zinc micronutrient in Organic Fertilizer. 1695-1706
Kritsada Phongkaranyaphat, Sumai Maiman1 and Lamthai Asanok1 - Factors Influencing People Participation in Community Forest Management in Phrae Province, North Thailand. 1707-1713
Muktamar Z., S. Sudjatmiko, F. Fahrurrozi, N. Setowati and M. Chozin. - Soil Chemical Improvement under Application of Liquid Organic Fertilizer in Closed Agriculture System. 1715-1727
Nestor L Alvarez, Associate Federico G Pineda and Mary Jhane Valentino - Safe and Potable Water for the Community- Science City of Munoz T.U.B.I.G. Project in Focus and the Central Luzon State University Water Potability Testing Activity. 1729-1736
Phattraporn Soytong, Kannika Janchidfa, Narathip Phengphit, and Suchart Chayhard - Monitoring Urban Heat Island in the Eastern Region of Thailand and its Mitigating through Greening City and Urban Agriculture. 1737-1760
Simarmata M., E. Turmudi, J. Sitinjak, and N. Setyowati.  - Different Application Time of Atrazine and Mesotrione Mixture to Control Weeds on Grain Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench). 1773-1789
Wongchantra, P., Wongchantra, K., Kaeongam, S., Junkaew, L., Sookngam, K., Ongon, S., Phansiri, Ch., and Oncharoen, A. - The project feasibility analysis of a waste-electric power plant of Kamalasai Sub-district Municipality, Kamalasai district, Kalasin province. 1773-1789
Wongchantra, P., Wongchantra, K., Sookngam, k., Junkaew, L., Ongon, S., Kaeongam, S., Phansiri, C. and Oncharoen, A. - The Project Feasibility study of Solid waste Management in Kalasin Local Governance Organization to Produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). 1791-1803
Wongchantra, P., Wongchantra, K., Ongon, S., Junkaew, L., Sookngam, k., Kaeongam, S., Phansiri, C. and Oncharoen, A. - Initial Environmental Examination Study Report: Project of Effective Waste Management with Production as Renewable Energy of the Mahasarakham Provincial Administrative Organization. 1805-1820
Wongtragoon, U., Trisup, K. and Suwanmaneepong, S. Evaluating the Irrigation Efficiency Using Rapid Appraisal Process Technique (RAP) in a Large Scale Irrigation, Case Study: Mae Lao Operation and Maintenance Project and Chiang Rai Irrigation Project, Thailand. 1821-1834
Wongtragoon, U., Fakkhong, S. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - Development Indicators of City Resilience for Water Resources Management in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. 1835-1848
Amporn Saduak, Pakkapong Poungsuk, and Nararat Pourpan. - Model for Development of Agricultural Skills under Occupation and Technology Subject (Agriculture) of Third Year Lower Secondary School Students using the School Agricultural Learning Center, Praibueng Wittayakom School, Srisaket Province, Thailand. 1849-1855
Araya Musika - A Study and Development of Local Materials to Improve Quality of Oyster Mushroom Culture Materials, Panom Samran Sub-district, Khu Mueang District, Buriram Province. 1857-1863
Boonserm, W., and Paprano, A. - The Promotion of of Chong Ku Khu Mahathat community traditions based on eco-culture concept. 1865-1874
Bunnaen, W. - The biological literacy, environmentalawareness and Integrated  science process skills in the SCiUS students of Mahasarakham  University Demonstration school (Secondary). 1875-1887
Harry Jay M. Cavite and Antonio P. Abamo -  Profitability Analysis of Banana (Musa balbisiana) Industry in Bato, Leyte, Philippines: A Value Chain Approach. 1889-1904
Jeeranun Khermkhan, Sumeth Keanmanee - Ability to Increase Values on Agricultural Sector:  Mittraphap Road in Northeastern Region of Thailand. 1905-1912
Jirarud, S. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - Profitability of Rice Production under the Large Agricultural Plot Scheme in Khlong Khuean District, Chachoengsao Province Thailand. 1913-1922
Juyjaeng, C., And Suwanmaneepong, S. - Comparison of costs and returns on oil palm production of member and non-member farmers under large agricultural plot scheme in      Bang Saphan Noi district, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand. 1923-1936
Khunchaikarn, S., Suwanmaneepong, S. and Mekhora, T. - Factors Affecting the Decision to Raise Beef Cattle of Farmers in Thailand. 1937-1945
Kromkratoke, W. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - Socio-economic Characteristics of Rubber Farmer in Drought Area in Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand. 1947-1957
Limmanee, P. - The campaign for effective reduction of sugarcane burning before transporting them to the factory aimed specifically at KhokKlang Community, Nong No Sub-district, Kranuan District, Khon Kean Province. 1959-1969
Maria Excelsis M. Orden, Janet N. Padilla and Charlito R. Juico. - Consumers’ Preference and Willingness to Pay for Aromatic Rice in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. 1971-1980
Pavida Charoenjindarat, Somsak Kuhaswonveth and Duangkamol Panrosthip Thunmathiwat - Process of driving the sufficiency economy philosophy of Debsirinromklao School, Thailand. 1981-1990
Pimolwan Katepan, Thamrong Mekhora, Panya Mankeb and Teerawat Sarutayophat - Factors affecting okra farm income in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. 1991-1998
Porciuncula, Fe L., Aganon, Clarita P., Manipon, Arturo O.,  Dacumos, Constancia C., Martin, Rodolfo D. and Pascua, Melchor P. - Local Government Engagement in Solid Waste Management cum Organic Fertilizer Production in Support to High Value Vegatable Production. 1999-2012
Prawach C., Tippawan L. and Panya M. - Mango Production Cost Under Tailor-Made Fertilizer Technology in Bangkha District, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. 2013-2018
Prawach C., Wipanan I. and Sureeporn m. - A Quality Improvement of Manufacturing Process for Jasmine Rice 105 by Applying the Design of Experiment. 2019-2030
Rangsan Panyakom, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Sarawut Intorrathed, and Karn Hongmaneerat. - Needs for Animal Farm Work Development of Northeastern Vocational Institute of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Thailand. 2031-2042
Sakullax, R.,  Kuhasawanwatch, S. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - A Feasibility Study for Investment in Para Rubber Latex Foam Production for Combat Sport Mats in Thailand. 2043-2051
Setyowati N., U. Nurjanah, S. Sudjatmiko, Z. Muktamar, F. Fahrurroziand M. Chozin - Soil Solarization with Colored Plastic Mulches Influenced Weed Growth and Soil Temperature in Tropical Highland. 2053-2063
Singseewo, A. and Kimhanta, J. - Promoting the use of environmentally friendly packagingmaterials for municipality school students. 2065-2073
Suthep Mungkhun, Pakkapong  Poungsuk, Sarawut Intorrathed, and Preeyanan Sittijinda - Utilization and Preservation of Agricultural Areas at Ban Bang Rong, Phuket Province. 2075-2085
Tammaroopa K. and Suwanmaneepong S. - Assessing Knowledge, Attitude and Experience of White Shrimp Farmer in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. 2087-2098
Tossapone Ruamchimplee, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Karn Hongmaneerat, and Manit Sashiyo. - Secondary School Agricultural Teachers’ Competency in Task Performance, Nakhon Ratchasrima Province, Thailand. 2099-2107
Viriyasoonthorn, K. - Learning Achievement of Thai Language on poetry writing by using Learning Together (LT) Collaborative group. 2109-2116
Wattana Saduak, Pakkapong Poungsuk, Ratchadakorn Phonpakdee, and Sataporn Deeying. - Problem Condition in the Agricultural Learning Center Using at Praibuengwittayakom School, Srisaket Province, Thailand. 2117-2124
Wongchantra, P., Wongchantra, K.,Phansiri, Ch., Junkaew, L., Sookngam, k., Ongon, S., Kaeongam, S. and Oncharoen, A. - The Project Feasibility Study of Solid Waste Transfer Station of Mahasarakham,Thailand. 2125-2142
Wongchantra, P., Wongchantra, K., Savatsomboon, G., Junkaew, L., Sookngam, K., Ongon, S., Kaeongam, S., Phansiri, Ch., and Oncharoen, A. - The Project Feasibility Study of Solid Waste Transfer Station of Pluakdaeng Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Pluakdaeng district, Rayong of Thailand. 2143-2160
Wongtragoon, U., Traisup, K. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - Evaluating the Irrigation Efficiency Using Rapid Appraisal Process Technique (RAP) in a Large Scale Irrigation, Case Study: Mae Lao Operation and Maintenance Project and Chiang Rai Irrigation Project, Thailand. 2161-2174
Yotapakdee T., Kamton R., Lattirasuvan T., MangkitaW.and Asanok L. - Transformation of Agroforestry from Invasive Forest to Encourage Food Security to Smallholder Farmers at Maekammee Watershed in Northern Thailand. 2175-2185
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